Mrs. Pennington's Kindergarten News

May 15th- May 22nd

A Small Thank You to You!

This is will be the last newsletter of the year!

This year has flown by! I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with this AMAZING group of kids! They are the most loving and eager to learn group of kids I have ever had. I have seen so much growth in each child, not just academically, but socially as well. Thank you so much for your support throughout this year! It has meant so much. I will miss each child!

Week at a Glance:

Monday-5th Grade Buddies

Specials: Music

Tuesday-All School Talent Show-9:30am

Specials: Computers


Specials: P.E. & Library (wear tennis shoes & bring back library book)

Thursday- Kindergarten Graduation-1:00-1:30 in big gym

Specials: Art

Friday-Leadership Notebooks sent home!

Specials: P.E.

Monday, May 22-Last Day of School-Early Dismissal-1:30pm

Grade Cards go home!

What are we learning?

Theme: Cooking! -We all brainstormed about what we wanted to learn more about and then we voted. Cooking was selected as the top choice of things the kids wanted to learn more about!

Reading: We will learn about cooking and how to read recipes. We will also learn about how to follow a recipe.

Math: We will be learning about simple measurements used in recipes (1 cup, half a cup, tablespoon, teaspoon).

Friendly Reminders:

Leadership Notebook, Grade Cards, and Dog Tags!

Leadership Notebooks- Leadership Notebooks will be sent home for the last time on Friday. I encourage you to still go through it with your child, and reflect on their year and the goals they reached. You may KEEP this at home. :)

Grade Cards-Grade Cards will be sent home on Monday, May 22nd, the last day of school. If your child will not be at school on Monday, you will have to come up to the school after that date to pick it up from the office. We cannot send home any grade cards early.

Dog Tags-Your child's dog tags will be sent home Friday. Please keep these in a safe place for 1st grade. Your child's first grade teacher will be asking for you to bring them back to school at the beginning of the year. They will continue to add to their dog tags each year they are at Jeffries.

Last Day of School- Early Dismissal- NO PRIME TIME!

The last day of school, we will have early dismissal. We will dismiss at 1:30 instead of 3:30. Bus transportation will be provided, but Prime Time will NOT be provided in the afternoon on Monday, May 22. If your child usually goes to Prime Time after school, please let me know how they will be getting home on this day. Thank you!

Balloon Bash Countdown!!!

Can you believe the end of the year is right around the corner? To celebrate our final days together we are going to “pop” our way through the last 11 days. Each afternoon we will pop a balloon that has a “secret” special activity that we will do the following day. I don’t want to spoil the secret part of the activity, but there might be days where the students might need to bring something or wear a certain thing. If this is the case, a special note will be sent home the day before. I hope they are as excited as I am to celebrate the end of school this way.

Events Coming Up:

All School Talent Show

Tuesday, May 16th, 9:30am

4051 South Scenic Avenue

Springfield, MO

Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday, May 18th, 1pm

4051 South Scenic Avenue

Springfield, MO

Last Day of School-Early Dismissal!!

Monday, May 22nd, 1:30pm

4051 South Scenic Avenue

Springfield, MO

Katie Pennington

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns!