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March 29, 2019

Weekly Manna

I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened by old ones.

- John Cage

Which are you frightened of today?

AHS Freshmen Win in Essay Contest

Nine students from Mrs. Willoughby‘ s Freshman Composition class participated in an optional writing opportunity and competed in the Limestone County Lady Civitan Essay Contest against other students from across Limestone County.

Helen Carter 1st Place $100

Brehbin Holt 3rd Place $25

Helen Carter will move on to the regional competition for an opportunity to win additional cash prizes.

Congratulations ladies!!


The ASVAB will be given next Wednesday, April 3rd to all 11th grade students taking English this semester. Attached is the roster and testing schedule for that day. Please look them over and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you and have a glorious weekend!

Laura Lou Smith

Athens High School

Junior & Senior Counselor

256-233-6613 ext.8005

Class of 2019 Graduation

Thursday, May 23rd, 7pm

Golden Eagle Drive

Athens, AL

Swinter Dance

Saturday, March 30th, 7:30-10pm

AHS Practice Gym


Sophomore Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast

Saturday, March 30th, 8-10am

1331 US Highway 72 East

Athens, AL


Student Council Elections 2019-20

Class officer elections for the 2019-2020 school year will be held in April. Petitions will be available beginning April 2nd and are due back by April 10th.

See Mrs Taylor or Mrs Clem for more information.

Alabama High School Athletics Association Bylaw Of The Week

Scenario: Coach Smith, is fortunate to have a couple of football players who were invited to “The Opening Regionals” in Atlanta on March 24th. These young men will be 2020 graduates, already have several SEC scholarship offers and have great futures ahead of them. Since the event will be held in March, and not during the football season, Coach Smith knows they can attend the event as individuals. However, he is uncertain what benefits, if any, they may receive under AHSAA bylaws. Question: What should Coach Smith do to protect the eligibility of these young men?

Rule 1, Section 8: Amateur Rule:

Only amateurs are eligible. An amateur is one who does not use his/her knowledge of athletics or athletic skill for gain. Amateur standing shall be further determined by the following standards:

(a) A student is ineligible if he/she has received money as a prize, or has sold a prize received in a contest, or has bet on a contest in which he/she is a participant.

(b) Professionalism is defined as accepting remuneration, directly or indirectly, for playing on athletic teams and in sports activities or for playing under an assumed name.

(c) A student who accepts material or financial inducement from any source is ineligible.

(d) No student shall receive more than actual expenses involved in travel to and from a contest or camp and necessary meals and lodging in the meantime. A student shall not at any time receive any portion of a livelihood for participation in athletics, other than actual expenses for specific game or camp.

1. A student can not accept payment for loss of time or wages while participating in athletics as part of expenses.

2. Reasonable meals, lodging and transportation may be accepted if such are accepted in service rather than money or some material form.

3. Students playing on a non-home team which requires boarding away from home by the week, etc. will be looked upon as violating the professional ruleif board is not paid by his family.

4. A team which plans to divide among its members any surplus either during or at close of season shall be considered a professional team.

(e) No award of any kind having a monetary value of more than $250 – other than medals, trophies, plaques or AHSAA championship rings – shall be made to students. Violation of this rule on the part of school officials shall subject the school to suspension for one year. Acceptance of awards exceeding these limitations shall disqualify a student. Cash awards or gift cards for athletic performances or participation may not be given or received.

(f) A student who has lost his/her amateur standing may be reinstated after the lapse of one high school season for the sport in which he/she has become professional provided he/she has not persisted in breaking the amateur rule.

Proactive Measures: Coach Smiths should meet with these two players and their parents/guardian before they leave and make sure they understand what is acceptable under the Amateur Rule.

He should make sure their amateur status is protected by reviewing the following:

Students may receive:

1) meals & lodging

2) transportation during the event

3) Medals, plaques, awards that have a monetary value of less than $250

4) Cloth apparel that, along with any awards won, does not exceed a total value of $250.

Students may not receive:

1) Cash or Gift cards of any value

2) Payment for lost wages

Penalty: A student who has lost his amateur status by accepting cash, gift cards or payment for lost wages will be ruled ineligible, in that sport, for one high school season. Point (f) above clearly states that a student’s amateur status may be reinstated after the lapse of one high school season for the sport in which he received improper benefits. If Coach Smith fails to educate his players, and they mistakenly accept cash or gift cards for participating in “The Opening Regionals”, they will lose their Senior season in the sport of football.

Violation of the amateur rule by school officials will subject the school to suspension from play for one year.


1. Shoes must be worn in school for student safety. Bare feet, heelies, house shoes, boots with

chains, steel toes, or other metal reinforcements decorations are not allowed.

2. No head attire (such as hats, sweatbands, visors, hairnets, hair rollers, scarves, toboggans,

bandannas, sunglasses, dew rags, etc.). This includes the gym area.

3. Students are not to have the following: hair sprayed or dyed in unnatural colors (such as

but not limited to blue, purple, pink, green, yellow, or metallic colors), spiked hair,

mohawks, or designs/writings cut into hair/eyebrows (if gang related).

4. All students are required to wear their hair in such a manner that it is not considered

unkempt, unclean, or impairing to the vision. No attire with written or printed reference

to any type of alcoholic beverage, illegal substance, lewd, vulgar, indecent, or sexually

suggestive subjects may be worn.

5. Students are not to wear clothing that reveals the body in an inappropriate manner.

a. NO – transparent, backless, one-shoulder, see-through, midriffs, shirts, blouses

above the beltline, low-cut (front or back) or halter type attire will be allowed.

b. Belts must be worn to prevent sagging pants.

c. No muscle shirts, tank tops or sleeveless athletic jerseys.

d. No blouses with open backs/sides or low fronts will be allowed. Undergarments

must not be visible.

e. All tops must have 2-inch minimum width shoulder straps.

6. Garments that extend to within 3 inches of the top of the knee will be allowed.

a. All clothing should be neat, clean, and in good repair.

b. All pants must have pockets.

c. The intent of the phrase “in good repair” is to prohibit clothing that has holes or tears

above the knee.

d. The hemline for skirts may not be 3 inches above the knee.

e. When tights, leggings or leotards are worn, the garment worn over them must

meet student’s fingertips.

7. Pajamas are not allowed.

8. No body piercing other than ears will be permitted. Tattoos that are vulgar, obscene, or that cause a distraction to the learning environment, must be covered.

9. Excessive large/tight clothing will not be permitted. (See #7)

10. Chains/spikes or spike jewelry or belts with chains or spikes are not allowed.

11. Clothing must be worn as the manufacturer intended. Sagging or low rider apparel is


12. School officials will determine the appropriateness of attire.

13. Any clothing that disrupts the teaching and learning process is prohibited.

◆ Violation of the Dress Code policy shall be documented and result in disciplinary action as


 First offense: Warning and student will return to class if violation can be corrected.

 Second offense: In-school-suspension for the remainder of the day and parent

notification of the violation and future consequences if additional

violation or alternative consequence upon parent request (corporal punishment).

 Third offense: In-school-suspension for three (3) days and parent notification of the

violation and future consequences if additional violation or alternative consequence

upon parent request (corporal punishment).

 Fourth offense and all subsequent offenses: Out-of-school suspension for one (1) day

plus one (+1) day added for each offense thereafter.

 Note: the fourth violation and beyond are considered defiance of school authority and not treated as dress code offenses.

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