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IES Library Newsletter for March 15, 2016

Children's Literature

Author Jerry Pallotta

A new author study basket has been added to the Book Nook. These are the books included in the basket:

The Bird Alphabet Book

The Butterfly Alphabet Book

The Construction Alphabet Book

Count to a Million

Eyeball Alphabet Book

The Freshwater Alphabet Book

The Frog Alphabet Book

The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fractions Book

The Icky Bug Counting Book

Icky Bug Numbers

Math = Fun! Adding Fractions

Math = Fun! The Addition Book

Math = Fun! From Simple Shapes to Geometry

Math = Fun! Multiplication and Division

Math = Fun! Pizza Fractions

The Ocean Alphabet Book

Ocean Counting Odd Numbers

One Hundred Ways to Get to 100

Underwater Counting Even Numbers

Who Will Carve the Turkey this Thanksgiving?

The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book

Meet Jerry Pallotta

Back in 1985, Jerry Pallotta (whose full name is Gerard Larry Pallotta) was an insurance salesman, looking for creative ways to teach his children their ABCs. He wondered why most of the alphabet books he was reading to them sounded very similar, “A is for apple,” and “Z is for zebra.” During his childhood he had spent many summers at the beach in Scituate, Massachusetts (a fishing town), which helped nurture his love for the ocean lobsters, seaweed, and boats were always a part of his life. Was there a way to combine his passion for the underwater world and teach children the alphabet? At the age of 32, his imaginative ideas led to him to write and publish his very first book, The Ocean Alphabet Book. He originally sold 5,000 copies to the New England Aquarium, where it became a best-seller. He has since created more than 20 alphabet books, including: The Airplane Alphabet Book, The Bird Alphabet Book, The Butterfly Alphabet Book, The Flower Alphabet Book, The Furry Animal Alphabet Book, The Icky Bug Alphabet Book, and The Vegetable Alphabet Book to name a few! Soon Pallotta expanded from just writing alphabet books and tried his hand at mathematics books. Popular favorites include The Crayon Counting Book, The Icky Bug Counting Book, and for those who have a sweet tooth, Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fractions Book, Hershey's Kisses Addition Book,Reeses Pieces: Counting by Fives, and Twizzlers Percentages Book.

Pallotta was born on March 26, 1953, in Boston, Massachusetts . He has four brothers, two sisters, and 72 first cousins! He attended Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C. where he majored in business, and met his wife. He currently lives in Massachusetts and is married with four children.


Books by Jerry Pallotta

Eyeball Alphabet Book

This book shows the ABCs through a different lens: the lens of animal vision! Kids will enjoy the incredible up-close photography while learning new vocabulary. This book also teaches idioms.

Count to a Million

This book begins, "If you can count to ten, you can count to one million." Although some may have their doubts, by using basic math grouping skills readers will find themselves counting higher than they ever thought possible. COUNT TO A MILLION will inspire even the most reluctant math student, building confidence and showing that math can, in fact, be fun.

Underwater Counting Book

There's something fishy about this book . . .
Facts and figures to fill an ocean! Learn to count from zero to fifty, counting even numbers by two. Sound complicated? Not so, with page after page of unique and fascinating sea creatures to discover. Four odd-looking Clown Triggerfish help make counting fun and, although they have been extinct for millions of years, you can count thirty-two fierce-looking Elasmosaurs. Jerry Pallotta's signature kid-friendly text, packed with fun facts, makes learning a kid's favorite pastime. With fun and informative books such as UNDERWATER COUNTING, kids--like fish--are sure to stay in school.