Curious Keys Newsletter

End of Year 2014

Hello all,

Well, yet another year is drawing to a close, and I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone for a great year of learning! I have really enjoyed seeing all my students progress, and have some great memories. Thanks especially to all the parents for supporting practice and learning at home, and to the students who arrive with smiles on their faces!

Hope you all have a fantastic summer break, and looking forward to seeing you again in the New Year - keep those fingers moving over the holidays (I hope you can all say that you at least touched the piano once before I see you again!).

Merry Christmas!



Congratulations to Blake Geard, Josie Hunt, Alayna Humphreys and Sacha Humphreys, who all recently completed their Trinity College London exams (and passed with flying colours!).

Dates for 2015 Lessons

Piano lessons will start back on Saturday the 31st of January. I will be in touch before then to organise lesson days and times, as I am sure that many of you would like to change these for the upcoming year!

I have already had some requests for new lesson times, so if you know what would work for you, please just flick me an email (of course, if you would like to keep the same lesson time, that is absolutely fine!). These will be confirmed in mid-January.

Introducing: Susannah Keel

The New Year will also see a new teacher coming on board at Curious Keys! Susannah is currently studying performance Flute at the New Zealand School of Music, and recently completed Grade 8 Piano - quite an achievement! She will be teaching at the studio on a Monday afternoon, and is looking forward to getting started with her musical career!