South Padre Island

The Beach

My Visit

When I went to South Padre i got to see dolphins jump! Even though that was pretty cool the best part was the actual beach. The beach was fun when the waves were really high and strong. I know that it's dangerous but it felt so cool to be pushed up and down uncontrollably. One of the scary parts was when my sister got bit by a jellyfish. We new there was a huge alert about being careful, but it was so much fun we couldn't help it. All of the younger people in my family went and played beach volleyball a lot and it is harder than it looks with a sunburn peeling of your skin!

The Memorable Moment


The most memorable moment was when they shot off fireworks on the beach. It was so pretty and so much better than just a regular Kansas firework show where at least ten different things catch on fire. The best thing about the firework show was that it wasn't loud because it was far off in distance.