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Differentiation of Instruction

My Challenge to You...

Take a few minutes to watch the above video... Sorry, the S'more page did not recognize the video format and I had to add it as a link. Just click on the text and it will open up. This particular video is about differentiation of instruction. Yes, this video is a part of a "New Teacher Survival Guide" series, but there is some great info here for all of us to learn from.

We all know that our students come to us in different levels of their learning. A huge part of the challenge of teaching is HOW to meet all the different levels that exist in the same classroom. This video give some excellent suggestions as well as several reminders related to planning for each lesson to meet student need.

As you watch think about how you scaffold and tier your lessons. Are you using your scaffolding and tiers to create different levels within the same lesson? Ask yourself, "What is the basic end result that you need the student to accomplish," then build your lesson with more complex ideas and problems for the more advanced students.

Also, think about student grouping in your classroom. How do you currently group your students in the classroom? You can use readiness levels, interest levels, and learning styles. Grouping students is challenging and will involve trial and error as you group students differently.

Differentiation of instruction has many different tools and strategies. This video gives just a few examples for you to think about any try in your teaching. Learning is not one size fit all, I think we all can agree upon that. Teaching must be reflective of learning and differentiation of instruction will help learners be more successful.

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



Happy Friday Gifts To YOU!

On Friday I came around to all of the classrooms to pass out some tools to help with differentiation as well as student critical thinking based off blooms technology. The purpose behind these tools is to give you just that, more tools in your tool box to assist your instruction. These items are assigned to the classroom that you are currently located, that is why you see the room number written on each item.

Please use the critical thinking wheel to help get students thinking in the higher levels of sysnthesis, application, and evaluation. As you know, when students are able to take the material to the higher levels of blooms the chances of mastery will increase. The Master Instructional Strategies flipbook is filled with hundreds of instructional strategies and ideas designed by teachers for teachers.



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