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February Newsletter

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Mission Statement

As an educational family, we

Love learning.

Excel in all we do.

Achieve goals inclusively.

Do what is right.


be successful in life.

Our QISD Board Members

On Tuesday, January 22nd, new school board members were sworn into office and all members took the Oath of Office. Please help us welcome the following:

Eileen Dodds - President

Micheal Bugayong - Vice President

Carm Chavez - Secretary

Tim Hendricks - Member

Lee Bond - Member

Thank you for your service!

A Look Ahead

Saturday, Feb 1st: B/G 12:00 JH/JV/V

Wednesday, Feb 5th: Quemado K-5 Family Literacy Night and Free Dinner

Thursday, Feb 6th: K-5 P/T Conferences (no school for K-5 students)

Thursday, Feb 6th: Datil Science Fair

Thursday, Feb 6th: Cliff boys JV/ B/G Varsity 4:00 p.m.

Friday, Feb 7th: Child Find @ Quemado for newborn to age 5 children - 11:00 - 2:00

Saturday, Feb 8th: B/G JH, V @ Reserve 2:00 p.m.

120th DAY OF SCHOOL - Established bus riders, please ride the bus!

Thursday, Feb 13th: boys JV/V @ Socorro 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, Feb 15th: B/G @ Animas 12:00 p.m.

Wednesday, Feb 19th: Quemado Elementary History Fair

Thursday, Feb 20th: boys JV/ B/G varistiy @ Cliff 4:00 p.m.

Saturday, Feb 22nd: B/G JH/V 2:00 p.m. -- QUEMADO HOMECOMING

February 24th - 29th: District Basketball Tournament -- TBA

Wednesday, Feb 26th: Datil Science Fair

Socorro Electric Coop - Government in Action Essay Contest Winners

Luz Vargas is the winner of the Government in Action essay contest which is sponsored by Socorro Electric Coop. Luz will receive a trip to Washington, D.C. in June. Nizhoni Vance was also recognized as the runner-up and will attend the trip, should one of the district recipients not be able to participate. Congratulations to both of you!
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Celebrating Attendance

We are excited to announce a new attendance competition between classes and students. Next month, the class with the highest attendance percentage will win a ROOTBEER FLOAT PARTY. The student with the highest attendance rate for two months will win an AMAZON gift card. Are you ready for the challenge? We will be seeing you at school!

PreK - Ms. Albin

The preschoolers are adjusting to being back at school after the holiday break. We have been working on identifying and giving the sound(s) of the letters "Oo" and "Ff " and naming objects that begin with them. Finding hidden objects that begin with our focus letter is an activity that is fun for us. In math we are identifying and writing numbers and matching numbers to sets of objects. We are also making a roll up snowman to display in the hall.

1st grade - Mrs. Gomez's

1st Grade rings in the New Year with NEW LEARNING!!!

· 1st graders are learning to tell time to the hour and half hour!

· 1st graders are also exploring characters, setting, and events during reading!

· Shout out to Riata Green for passing skip counting on her DMS probe!!

· Shout out to Sedona Hutton and Riata Green for making our achievement party on Jan 16, 2020.

4th grade - Mrs. Hendricks

The fourth grade class is participating in Native Fish in the Classroom and will get their Gila Trout this month. We are very excited to get our fish. We have learned how to test the water in our tank and make sure that we maintain a good environment for our fish.

We have begun our new writing curriculum and we are enjoying writing our own narratives. We begin by thinking about our stories out loud and then we draw pictures to help us remember what we are going to write about. This is our new favorite activity at school.

In reading, we are learning about literal and figurative language. We are about to begin reading Greek Mythology to help us connect traditional phrases to modern phrases.

We are enjoying learning in our classroom.

Mrs. Armstrong's 5th Grade

The fifth grade class is studying two dimensional figures and working on polygons in math. We are getting ready to learn how to find area of a rectangle with fractional sides. The students have a MATH REACH time during the day, along with having READING REACH time.

The nine-week Achievement Party was filled with seven out of the nine students. Each of the seven students either went up 30 points or more on their middle of the year STAR Reading or STAR Math assessment. In the Achievement Party the students made their own award (medals) out of molding clay and they are going to have a time where they can paint them after they are baked.

In our literature studies, we are reading the book “Tucket’s Travel” by Gary Paulsen, who is a local writer and has written several hundred books. Tucket’s Travel is a series of five books in one. The students are really enjoying the adventure that this particular book takes them on.

In writing, we are using Lucy Calkins, Up the Ladder, writing narrative stories with the third grade class. The students seem to really enjoy writing and working together as a group.

Mrs. Lyon's - Art

What’s Happening in Art?

Jr. High Art has been working on completing their Pointillism projects which has required persistence on their part. Support skills integrated into this project were the ability to take a small photo and double or triple the size for the final project. Students are also developing skills in 1 pt. perspective drawing of their name. The upcoming project for junior high will be giant Papier-Mache puppet heads!

High School Art has been working on the process of learning and applying the grid method to enlarge projects. This requires math knowledge to complete successfully. They will complete large Pointillism projects mid-January. Upcoming project will be stencil designs. An on-going project is to restructure recycled books into usable sketchbooks. The final book will become a beautiful 3-D project for the students to take home.

K-5th - All students completed their sketchbooks and were able to take them home. New sketchbooks will be created for the new semester. Students were able to take home their handmade tree decorations as well. K-1 are creating 3-D paper models. Second and third graders have completed their lovely recycled Kachinas and 4th and 5th graders are completing their Egyptian unit and will complete their sarcophagi to include a miniature mummy.

Ms. Lyons

See student art on my Facebook page.

Quemado-Datil Schools Art: I occasionally update our Facebook page with student projects that we’re currently working on or those that have been completed.

YP2PH (Natural Helpers) - These amazing students have volunteered to be peer leaders and help with teenage issues. This month they are being trained in hygiene and how to help students. They are putting together hygiene packets for students. Also, students will be trained to identify the signs of suicide and be able to share out this information with peers. A guest presenter, Mrs. Muncy, from Socorro will give the students this much-needed training.

What's Up in History? - Mrs. Ferranti

On January 15th, in our world history class, while studying Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, the students constructed their list of grievances and posted them around the school. While we did not have 95 Theses (grievances), nor did we nail them to the front door as Luther did, we did come up with some that we thought were an accurate reflection of student grievances across the school.

For background information, Luther used his 95 Theses to point out the injustices he saw in the Catholic Church in 1524. The Catholic Church had instituted the policy of selling what came to be known as “Indulgences.” We learned that in this practice, people could basically buy their way into heaven. Luther objected to this corrupt practice and outlined his concerns in his 95 Theses. At potentially great risk to himself (death), he nailed them to the cathedral door in Wittenburg for all to see. He explained to the people that the Pope and Catholic Church were corrupt and that the Pope can’t be the only who has a personal connection with God. Martin Luther said he believed that the Bible is the final authority on God and everyone can speak with Him.

We all decided today, as a class, to make our own grievances for our school. We came up with 3 Theses that we posted around the school to have our own peaceful, quiet protest like Martin Luther. The three we came up with are:

1. As students, we are not allowed to have our phones during school hours. That is fine, but we believe that teachers should also have to follow this rule, unless the phone is being used for school purposes.

2. Further, we believe that 3 minutes is not enough time for passing hour. Therefore, we believe that we should have 5 minutes for each passing period. With 5 minutes, if we cannot complete what we need to, then the teacher should mark us tardy.

3. We believe that the bell should dismiss the students. If dismissal is left to each individual teacher, what is the point of having a bell to signal the beginning and end of each period?

We, as a class, did this as an exercise to make a quiet protest against the school but it is actually a set of real grievances that we wanted to be heard. Martin Luther wrote 95 Theses, and we as a whole class wanted to follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther so we made our own 3 Theses for a fun activity.

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SHOUT OUT to Kathy Heinsohn for the handcrafted scarves that she made for our boy's basketball team. They're beautiful!