Beach Erosion


What is it?

Beach erosion (also known as coastal erosion) is the wearing away of land and the removal of beach sediments by wave actions, tidal currents or high winds. Beach erosion occurs when waves remove sand from the beach. The loss of sand causes the beach to become narrow and lower in elevation.

Compressed air exerts pressure on cracks of the land wall, when the water goes back the air pressure is released pulling rock with it further enlarging the crack.

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Short-term Erosion

Can be caused by storms or climate cycles without causing a permanent change in the position of the shoreline. Area will usually recovers, however a full erosion recovery cycle can take decades. Natural dune repair is more likely to happen on dunes with cover from sand binding grasses.
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Long-term Erosion

Occurs when there is a permanent change to the shoreline. May be caused by sea-level rise, for example, our regionโ€™s coastal areas donโ€™t yet appear to be eroding long-term, however in the future, sea level rise and other changes are likely from predicted global warming. Beaches on the eastern Peninsula could erode more than 15 meters over the next century.
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What about the living organisms?

Beach erosion affects population size, as the land is being eroded it can no longer be used as land for building homes and businesses. This also means that the shoreline is constantly being pushed further back. This not only affects humans but it also impacts the plant life on the shore line as well as any organisms living in these areas. Less space means more competition for the available space.
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How have others tried to solve this problem?

Some cities in coastal areas have responded by reinforcing bluffs with sea walls. However these walls reflect the wave energy back to the sea, this actually accelerates erosion, and deprives the beaches of sand which would normally erode from the bluffs. Obviously this idea didn't solve it so sea walls have fallen from favor.
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Take this for example:

Lets say a bunch of people live near the beach. These people go to work, this means it may be city like. Now since the beach is constantly eroding the shore line will eventually be at the homes of the residents. It would be dangerous for people to live here so many people may have to evacuate the area.