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Norfolk Jr. High

humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall and he had a great fall. Humpty Dumpty looked like an egg and had a great day. Humpty Dumpty sat on a log to see that girl with her little baby dog. Humpty Dumpty ran down the road until he stopped to see her little bro. Humpty Dumpty kept on going until the day began once again. Humpty Dumpty woke again to play with all his little friends. When Humpty Dumpty was done with them, he didn't know, but he asked them. Then Humpty Dumpty got real sick, so he sat down really quick.


This paragraph is going to be about lizards and what they can do. There's many things you didn't know until now, if you read my story. Lizards can live up to 10-20 years if taken proper care.There's also over 6,000 species of lizard and most are very different. Lizards are always found in warmer climates. Lizards are reptiles with all scaly skin. Lizards can range in size from just small centimeters all the way up to just about a couple meters each. Lizards are way more tensive and hunt at night. Most lizards do not harm humans. Lizards have highly acute color vision due to their eye site. Lizards also lay eggs, but the mom keeps the eggs inside her body until they’re ready to hatch, because she wants to keep them safe. Most lizards move very quickly on the ground to hunt its prey. Lizards are amazing reptiles that I find fascinating.

Madden 25

Maden is a game of skill. There is a variety of 32 different teams to pick from. You can play seasons, which keeps track of the win to loss ratio. You can also just play games set up by the computer. You can play live games, in which you are actually versing real people. I really like this game because I love football, and this game makes me even more pumped to play football next year.

Big Daddy

A guy adopts a kid to show off to his girlfriend, but everything goes the wrong way. The kid gets into everything and makes messes. The kid gets taken away from his new father, but the father realizes that he really does like the kid. The father goes to court to try to get the kid back .

This movie is about a guy trying to impress his girlfriend. He adopts a kid, but doesn't really like him. After awhile, he picks the kid over his girlfriend and lots and lots of things happen.