Makeup Artistry 101

Fake It 'til You Make It Basics

What can your cosmetic kit do for your business?

Did you know that in 4-wall cosmetic retail makeup makes up at least half of a store's business? The challenge for them us adding skin care. The reason for this is that skin care products are items we use the same way daily like toothpaste while makeup changes with our wardrobe and the seasons following the trends in our closet.

Knowing this, think about the potential there is to grow your business through your makeup kit. What if the volume you're doing in cosmetics was equal to the volume you're currently achieving in skin care? What goals would you achieve in your business? In you freedom?

Saturday, August 16th at 11am

Join us for a fun afternoon playing with makeup! Topics that will be covered include:

~ hygiene standards

~ tools of the trade

~ shade matching

~ how to run a consultation

~ how to host a makeup show

~ artistry tips and tricks

This session is for the Johnson Area team. Please RSVP by 8/14. Location address will be provided upon RSVP.

$20 per guest

Guaranteed to boost your confidence!

About the Artist

Lindsey came to Arbonne with 15 years of experience in the retail cosmetic industry and a passion for igniting confidence in her clients through individualized artistry services and education on quality skin care products. Upon starting her Arbonne business Lindsey noticed the opportunity to utilize her skills as an industry educator to help her teammates step out of their comfort zones to increase the cosmetic portion of their businesses. Makeup Artistry 101 was created specifically to provide Arbonne consultants new to makeup with the tools and knowledge to get out and host makeup shows and one-on-ones.