Eugene M. Scott 2-22-21 to 3-25-14

By: Sumner Ping

What he did

My great grandfather has done many things. He has been all the way around the globe. Literally! He was born in McLouth, Kansas. He died at the age 93 in Lawrence, Kansas. He was one of the great American heroes.


Eugene served in the Army in WW2. He traveled to Tunisia, Rhineland, and Sicily! He even served on D-Day! He was supposed to receive some medals, but he kept putting it off. The Purple Heart, Bronze Star, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, to name some. His son went and got them and gave it to him. At age 93, he got his medals. Sadly though, he died a week later.
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My great grandfather worked at the Leavenworth Jefferson Electric Cooperative (LJEC). He worked there for a long time. Now, my mother works there.


Gene Scott's wife name is Bonnie Scott. Their son, Ron Scott, is my Grandpa. Then my mom's name is Jennifer, Ron's daughter. Brakson is my older brother. That means that Brakson and I are great grandchildren.


Eugene Scott is a great influence on lots of people. Not only can someone relate to him, everyone in town knew him. He put his life on the line to help and protect this country. He is one of the best American heroes.