Digital Project

By- Marina Cywinski

My Book Project- IFunny

The book starts out with a flash forward to Jamie Grimm’s first comedy contest. Jamie Grimm is the main character. He’s a funny kid that calls himself a sit-down comic because he’s in a wheelchair. Jamie is in middle school.

In the second chapter, the book tells about Jamie’s life story and his idols for Jamie’s comedy success. Some of his idols are Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin James and Ellen DeGeneres. Jamie has two best friends named Pierce and Gaynor. Jamie meets a new girl, named Gilda, when Jamie and his friends are eating lunch, at school. He likes her because she loves his jokes. Jamie’s best inspiration is his Uncle Frankie because he loves his jokes and was a Comedy Contest winner himself.

Jamie’s family is called the Smiley’s because they don't smile. Jamie was adopted by the Smiley’s, a year after he was in a huge car crash with his family. Jamie’s parents and his little sister, Jenny, died in the car crash. Jamie ended up in the hospital, paralyzed. The Smiley’s also adopted a new kid named Stevie. Stevie is the school’s bad kid, a huge bully. Stevie makes fun of Jamie because he is in a wheelchair.

Jamie meets a girl named Suzie. He calls her Cool Girl. He feels very close to her and she’s easy to talk to. Jamie signs up for the Funniest Kid Comic Contest of Long Beach and wins the contest. The school takes a half day off to cherish him. Stevie then makes him feel bad and posts on social media that Jamie won because the judges felt sorry for him.

The next month, he had a New York’s Funniest Kid Comic contest. Before he performed he had to wait through a kid named Shecky’s jokes. Shecky was pretty sure he was going to win the contest. When it is Jamie’s turn, Jamie makes fun of the Smiley family. With those jokes, he wins that contest too! So he is New York’s best kid comic. In the car, on the way home, Jamie’s family start to smile and laugh. They are not mad at him for making fun of them.

He goes out on a date, with the Cool Girl, and tells her about the car crash and how he got in a wheelchair. She’s the first person he ever told about this. Jamie and the Cool Girl go to the hospital where he got all better and he got to see some of his good friends who are still there getting better. Stevie made a deal with Jamie to not try to not hurt him and attempt to laugh at his jokes. Also, in the end, Jamie gets a kiss from Gilda and the Cool Girl.