Go Fourth!

News & Tidbits from 4th Grade at Holy Rosary School

November 16, 2015

Hello, Parents and Families!

Today will be an abbreviated newsletter as there is so much going on.

* First things first, our field trip tomorrow, to the Science Dome; the Planetarium at Pierce College Lakewood. Students may come dressed in normal uniform or may wear jeans and boots (comfortable for walking!) below the usual white shirt/sweater/vest. Please bring a warm coat or jacket, maybe mittens and a scarf as we are planning to walk around the lake after our lunch. I realize it will be chilly, but enough layers will make it a brisk adventure. :)

Also,Lizbeth is ready to pack our lunches in the morning to send along. It will be a regular lunch charged to your account, so if you'd rather pack a sack lunch for your child that is also fine.

We are planning to leave at 10am, so if you three brave drivers are here and ready to go by 9:45, that would be great!

* Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Application for 2016-17...Deadline Dec 4th!

The window of time has opened for next year's tuition assistance application. This is an opportunity to receive $1100 for each child in grades K - 8, based on a family's income level. You can apply at: http://www.fulcrumfoundation.org/apply-for-grant/assistance/. This application is available in both Spanish and English. As we prepare for tuition contract meetings this Spring, please note that families will not be eligible for any financial assistance through Holy Rosary school UNLESS they have first applied through the Fulcrum Foundation. This means that no contracts will be negotiated without applying first through Fulcrum. Berenice (at the Front Desk) is happy to help parents complete the online application. If you need to schedule a time to meet with her to go through the application, please email her at office@hrrsjda.org. Applications must be completed by Friday, Dec. 4th.

* You may notice a bit less homework this week and next; with our field trip, reports cards due, parent teacher conferences and Thanksgiving, it is a very busy time.

Have a great evening all, and keep your fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow!

Marthie Ramos

Fourth Grade Homeroom Teacher

Holy Rosary School

Important Dates Approaching

November 23rd-24th - HALF-DAY/ Conferences/ Book Fair

November 25th-27th - No School, Thanksgiving Break

December 4th - Pay-To-Dress $2 Free Dress