U.S. Constitution/Legislative

By: Vincent Hart

What Branch does Article one deal with?

It deals and talks about the Legislative Branch of the Government and its rules and policies.

Qualifications of Congressmen & Job Expectations

The Congress of the U.S.A contains two sections, The Senate, and The House of Representatives. Article 1 of the constitution states the legal Requirements for serving a as a congressman. It states that each congressman is voted in by the people and must be 25 years old & 7 years a citizen to run for congressman. In The Senate, 2 people are selected from each state to be in the senate. In the House of Represenatitaves, the amount of people for each state depends of the size of the state.

Meeting time of congress

For many years, the congress met once a year in the time if december because of the traveling, but once planes were made to wear weeks or months of traveling to get to the meeting became only hours the congrees started meeting year around and then go homes on the holidays. The congress takes place in Washington D.C.

Powers granted to them

  • Passing Laws
  • Originating spending bills
  • impeaching officials
  • and approving treaties

Rules of Congress

Each house has its own laws, they can punish its members for unreasonable behavior, and by two-thirds of an anomymous vote a member can be expelled

How a Bill Becomes a Law

If a bill is passed in both the House of Reps and the Senate and has been approved by the President, or if a veto by the president is overridden, the bill becomes a law and is enforced by the government.