All About Me

By:Valentin Flores

I love food

The reason l love Hot Wings is because they have a spice in them that makes me enjoy them . Also, I like Pizza my favorite pizza is peperoni with harmason cheese on top.

I like sports

Something I like about sports is soccer. Something else I like about sports is football. Finally I like basketball alittle but I still like playing it.

I like math

I like math because it inspired me with everything just like reading. Something else I like was to do multiply and divide. That made me feel so good with my life.


I love watching movies. The reason I like watching movies is because you can eat popcorn and add extra butter. Also you can just relax and enjoy the movie.

I love Music

Something I like about music is making my own. Also I like hip hop and rap. The most thing I like is the beats that is what makes the song.