Militia Living Conditions

How did the living conditions affect their battle life?

Living Conditions

Militia soldiers lived an unhealthy life, they were exposed to inclement weather, rotten food and inadequate rest leading to long sick lists. The major killer in the war of 1812, as in all wars until the 19th century was not battle wounds. For these reasons, desertion and avoiding service was a serious problem throughout the war


Transportation during the war consisted barely of infantry marches and horse back. Although most infantry (foot soilders) traveled on foot horses played a major role in transporting all neccesities.


The supply system poorly run, partially due to theft of supplies but mainly due to poor roads and interception of supplies by enemy action. It was not always possible to ensure adequate shelter, clothing and food for the serving troops, the supply lines were often delayed due to minimal transportation, theft and or enemy sabotage.

The war of 1812 shaped Canada Forever

The War of 1812 had a powerful, invigorating influence on what would become Canada. Indeed, had the struggle been lost, this country likely wouldn’t exist.Civilians on both sides suffered, there were horrible massacres, and even more bungling by generals than is customary in warfare.