The Sicilian Mafia

Loan sharks,Drive-Bys,Armed Robbery We have it all

Who we Are

We are the Sicilian Mafia A.K.A the mafia. We rob stores, take peoples money, and are part of the cartel. We started with small robberies and then as we recruited more people we began to plot organized crime. We were the first type of mafia or the original mafia.

The American mafia

At first we were the only mafia but then it spread. The second most known mafia was the American mafia. Although they were both named after each other the two had many differences. The American mafia still handles most of the crimal activity here in the U.S.

We are Dem boyz

No matter what, the mafia has always been the street liberator known for the "street mower" which was one of the tommy guns that lots of people in the mafia used.


Lately we have not been as active as we have in the past, but we have not died off yet and we still have lots more up our sleeves. We have the American mafia, the Russian mafia and the home bred Italian mafia
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The American mafia started showing up in New York's east Harlem A.K.A Italian Harlem. It also made it way into New Orleans following the large immigration of people of Italian descents. The most action takes place in big inner cities but has been seen in places like Texas,Florida, and Las Vegas. The Mexican mafia rules the prisons while the American mafia rules the streets.
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