Svante Arrhenius

Fields: Physics,Chemistry

When was Svante born and when did he die?

Born - Svante August Arrhenius 19 February 1859 Wik Castle, Sweden

Died - 2 October 1927 (aged 68)
Stockholm, Sweden

About him

Svante Arrhenius was a Swedish physicist and physical chemist who formulated the theory of electrolytic dissociation.

About him

One of the founding fathers of physical chemistry, Arrhenius also present a revolutionary model of the greenhouse effect. He won the 1903 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his brilliant contributions.

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Arrhenius equation Theory of ionic dissociation Acid-base theory

Notable Awards

  • Davy Medal (1902)
  • Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1903)
  • Willard Gibbs Award (1911)
  • Franklin Medal (1920)