Robert Boyle

By taj darkazalli & Jeff Perkins


  • Robert Boyle, was a 17th-century natural philosopher, chemist, physicist, and inventor. Born in Lismore County Waterford, Ireland, he was also noted for his writings in theology.

  • Cause

    After studying a few years under the local parson, Boyle gained a strong interest in science. He gathered many prominent scientists from various fields of science who had weekly meetings in Oxford and London. The group later became the Royal Society of London. Boyle was elected its president, but he declined the position as the required oath breached his strict religious beliefs.


    Robert Boyle was a chemist and physicist. Robert Boyle is widely known for his famous 'Boyle's law'. He died in the year 1961.


    His major contribution was the development of "Boyles' Law". This governs the relationship of pressure and volume of gases being inversely proportional.