Jose Limon

By: McKenna and Savannah

Quick Facts

  • He was born on January 12, 1908 in Culiacan Mexico
  • He died on December 2, 1972 in Flemington, New Jersey (64 years old)
  • Father - Florencio Limon
  • Mother - Francisca Limon (Francisca Nee Translavina)
  • He started his Dance Career in the 1930s
  • José Limón graduated from Los Angeles' Lincoln High School in 1926 and went to the University of California, Los Angeles, to study art

Jose Limon's Style Of Choreography (video)

Some of the things in his choreography are

  • fall and recovery
  • rebound
  • weight
  • suspension
  • isolation
  • facial expression

What Makes Him Unique

  • He was a Crucial figure in the development of Modern Dance
  • He attended UCLA
  • After Preforming for ten years he established his own company
  • He was a consistently productive choreographer until his death

Facts About Modern Dance

  • it's related to ballet