Course Summative: A Look at Canada


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Your Assignment!

In this course we have looked at many different features of Canada. During this project you will be working independently, using your notebooks, course texts, and online research in order to create a Smore page about a Canadian province.

Once you have completed your research, you will put your information together and create a SMORE flyer.

Yes! That means your flyer will look similar to this.

DUE DATE: Monday January 25th 2016

What must your Smore page include?

You will include:

A) Collage related to your chosen province

Create a collage for your province. Your collage should include:

  • Name of the province
  • Pictures relating to your province
  • Colour

B) Map

Using the blank map of your province provided by your teacher include:

  • Title, date, compass, name, border and legend
  • Label major lakes and rivers
  • Label important features/parks/tourist attractions
  • Label where native groups are located (if any)
  • Label the capital cities and other major cities

*Using the IPad provided by Ms. Dhuga, you will take a picture of your map and upload it to your Smore page.

C) Provincial Data Information

Complete the Provincial Data package given to you by Ms. Dhuga. You will do some research in order to answer the questions. Once you have finished, you will post the information on your Smore page. You will organize your information using the headings below:

1. Location

2. Place

3. Human and Environment

4. Movement

D) Hamburger Paragraph

Write a proper Hamburger Paragraph about your province. Be sure to include the great things about your province for visitors to see and enjoy. (i.e. climate, cities, interesting places, activities etc.)

E) Bibliography

As soon as a book, magazine, website or encyclopedia is used fill in the information on the bibliography sheet provided. If the information came from your notebook you DO NOT have to include it in your bibliography.

Remember the following when creating your Smore:

- Use colourful images

- Review your spelling and grammar

- Organize your information in a way that is easy to understand

- Have fun!

Need Help Creating a Smore Page?

Below are some helpful videos which explain how to use and create an awesome Smore!
Smore product video