Armonies writing portfolio

By:Armonie about seasons

Chapter 1

Some people think Christmas is all about presents. But it's not about presents Christmas is about coming together. Do you know who buys you all of your presents It's not Santa It's your parents.Thats why they work so hard so you should appreciate your parents.To appreciate them you should play a game with them like trim the tree or charades or swap puzzle or you could even put ornaments on the tree there is lots of things you could do.
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Chapter 2

Hanukkah is a time when family's come together and make dreidels and sing the dreidel song and play around. Some games they play are Hanukkah word jumble, Hanukkah lights coloring or Hanukkah i spy there is a lot you could do on Hanukkah I forgot you could count the 7 days of Hanukkah see there is lots you could do on Hanukkah.
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