Welcome to New-York

Im august Pullman i made a welcome guide to newcomers

Tips for surviving at school

when i moved to my school it was really hard for me to fit in i would keep my head down and not talk to anyone

1.meet someone who nice and likes you for your self i would know a lot about this i think the perfect friend for me is summer because she likes me for the way i am and docent judge me for the way i look i like that about her

2.be yourself people should like you for yourself you sould not try to act different then who you are

3.in my school it is hard to fit in but i think if you act like your self you'll get friends because people are supposed to like you for the way you are

Kids you should stay away from

When i started at school a lot of kids made fun of me for the way i look but other kids are super mean to me and you should stay away from them. Here are some names,

Jillian-Julian is a very dangerous kid who will do anything to be popular, even make fun of any kid so he can become popular. His mom is not nice at all and she tried to kick me out of the school. She said who question the choice to let him in to the school. When she got the class photo she took it and photo edited my face out of the picture. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because Juliana would do the same thing . Juliana is not nice at all he will make up rumors so he can get a laugh. He is not a kid you want to hang out with.

Miles-miles is the kind of kid who will do anything for Julian, they are like best friends. he will do anything for Julian like a servant. He is not a bad kid he just hangs out with the wrong kids

Savanna-savanna is the most popular girl in school. The reason she is on my list is because summer told me that she said that she had to pick the freak or the popular kids lucky summer picked me. Its just not right that she said that or to even think that you could be friends with anyone you wanted

Blog 10/31/2015


Hi again, today had to be the worst day in my life it felt like i got stabled in the back a million times. The gut felling i got today was worst pain i have ever been in and it was all because of Jack will. Halloween is the best day of my life. It's a day where no will judge me for what i look like and the one day a year i can be like every one else. But today was different, i did not want to do anything. What Jack said hurt me a lot and miles said stuff to but i did not care about what they said. It was Jack, he said stuff like if i looked like him i would kill myself. This hurt me so much because i thought we where friends but Mr. Tushman asked him to be friends with him. This is the worst day of my life.

blechar prep

Need some help

if you need some help to finger stuff out please come to office and talk to me this could be happening a lot at school and we want to fix it

Tuesday, Jan. 31st 2017 at 8:30pm

New York, NY, United States

New York, NY

ever year we have count down to the last second i believe we have a the best art you have ever seen. we watch the ball fall and that when you can buy your work of art or look at other pictures


Meet the vice precedent

Melisa Albanian we are proud to have here here at bleacher prep she is also very proud of her litte boy Juliana she is doing some amazing things her at bleacher prep she brings in a lot of money for the school to do there famous events and party