Wait For Me

By: An Na

My Opinion

In my opinion the book was very good and I loved it. There were some parts where I didn't like the book like when Suna and Mina's mother would always judge someone. Overall I would recommend this book to someone who likes reading about highschool problems and trying to do everything to make your parents proud.

Favorite Passage

She walks alone in the rain. The faded pink pajama bottoms and oversized T-shirt clinging to her small frame, heavy with the weight of water. Her breath breaks inside her chest in an upward heave that strangles a cry escaping from her throat. Gulps of air. Her shoulders rising and falling. How much time has passed? She presses the heel of her hand against the tears that blur her vision. Though her chest still throbs, demanding air, she begins to run again. Looks down at her feet and urges them to fly faster, skim across the pavement.

Character Poem



Korean, Tan, Beautiful Young Woman

A person that lies and steals, but is in love

The lying, stealing, and loving actions

Lies to her mother about being in honors, steals the parent's money from their dry cleaning company, and loves Ysrael the guy who was hired by her parents

Mina Is a very lovely girl with the best intentions but she lies alot and she is very confused Mina Oh Mina