1st Days of Hybrid Schedule

Welcome Sequoia Giants- We've missed you!

Please review this important information to prepare for next week starting Monday, March 29th.

These details will benefit you and your child whether you have a student returning in Hybrid or whether they are remaining in 100% Distance Learning with a teacher for support.

What to do PRIOR to the first day returning on campus:

1. Fill out the Parent Compact (only need to fill this out ONCE)

Mandatory Parent Compact needed for In Person Learning (Hybrid) Click here

2. Fill out the Daily Health Check-In (filled out prior to coming onto campus, daily)

SMS Student Daily Health Check-In, Click here!

3. Plan out drop off and pick up to coincide with our new schedule, see below:

Drop- off your student no earlier than 12: 35 as classes begin at 12:55. Parents are to remain in their cars and we will have our amazing staff to greet the students and guide them to the blacktop until 12:50 when they will be able to head to class for a 12:55 start time.

What is the Plan for the First days?

1. ALL Staff, Students and Visitors MUST wear a mask properly when on campus at all times.

2. Students whether being picked up or dropped off will go directly to the blacktop where there will be teachers, staff, and parent volunteers to guide the students on where to wait. There will be Information tables for students who may have forgotten who their assigned Hybrid teacher is.

3. If students travel by bicycle or scooter, they must have their mask on when walking their bike onto campus. There is a "one person at a time" Bike Rack Area that is locked once school begins. If someone else is in the Rack area, they must wait until the other student exits before they enter. They may lock up their bike or scooter while they are in school.

4. Teachers will be wearing name tag lanyards so they may be easily identifiable (they will be wearing masks and students may not recognize them).

5. Once on the blacktop the teachers will greet their students and walk with them to class at 12:50 for a 12:55 start time.

What should my child bring?

Jacket- (doors and windows will be opened for maximum ventilation it might get cold)

Mask -(one they wear and one extra0

Backpack -to transport and keep items in one space

Hand-sanitizer-(personal sized)

Items they need to finish assignments- eg. book if needed, markers if drawing

Chromebook -if needed for Academic Support (Must be fully- charged and with charger)

Waterbottle- (clearly labeled with student name)- we have filling stations for water bottles, ALL DRINKING FOUNTAINS have been disabled.

Cellphone (optional)- while not needed, it may be used with teacher permission if needed for research and also allow them to submit the Daily Health Check in IF was not submitted PRIOR to arriving on campus(they would have QR code access to Health form with their smartphone camera)

* Please note that we will not be serving food to students however they may bring a snack if they want but it can only be eaten outside of learning spaces eg. Classrooms and MAY NOT BE SHARED.


6TH GRADE Dismisses at 2:50

7TH GRADE Dismisses at 2:55

8TH GRADE Dismisses at 3:00

There will be waiting dots for the students to stand on to maintain the 6 foot guidelines in the pick up areas and in front of the school. Please understand that being on time for pick-up and drop-off minimizes time that students are hanging around waiting allowing us to limit large numbers of students congregating in one spot.

Thank you in advance for understanding the importance of adhering to our Drop-off and Pick-up times.

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100% Distance Learning Students

Distance Learning students who are NOT participating in the Hybrid In-Person model will be assigned a teacher for 0 Period- Advisory. This will be reflected in your child's Aeries Student Portal. The teacher will reach out to them to join their Google Classroom with a welcome letter and will communicate the specific support schedule to the student.

Attendance will be taken so that data may be collected on the numbers of students we are able to support during both Hybrid and DL afternoon support groups. Attendance is not being used for any other purpose than monitoring support. It is not tied to ADA and will not negatively effect students.

We encourage our students to check-in regularly with the assigned teacher to support their success in their academics.

What if I would like to make any type of change?

At this time we have a wait list and you may contact the office to propose the change whether it is a change of day/group or if a change from Hybrid to 100% Distance Learning. At this time, your child may attend their assigned group until the overall change which will be considered after we return from Spring Break. We must maintain Stable Groups so are not able to switch back and forth between the two groups.

We are not accepting teacher change requests. Each schedule was carefully created with the students' best interest in mind considering multiple factors detailed in prior communications. We thank everyone in advance for understanding the complexities of master scheduling of students and teachers with all of the existing Health guidelines and parameters to follow.

Sequoia Middle Office 925-934-8174

See you real soon- in Person Hybrid Students!

Hybrid Students:

We look forward to seeing:

our "A "group this Monday and Tuesday.

our "B" Group Thursday (Friday School is closed for Cesar Chavez Day followed by Spring Break, classes resume April 12th)

100% Distance Learning students, we look forward to seeing you and supporting you online Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (Friday School is closed for Cesar Chavez Day followed by Spring Break, classes resume April 12th)

With Appreciation, Principal Keck