Demo Plan

Fernanda Cerqueira at Speigel Nichols Fox

Ms. Mateus

Friday, May 1st, 11:15am

30 Eglinton Avenue West

Mississauga, ON

Suite 400
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Description of Activity

Mail Distribution
  • Mail comes into the office everyday and is addressed to several different people in the firm. Your task will be to learn how to open and distribute the mail to the appropriate receiver.

Regular Mail
  • Mail is also constantly being sent out from the firm as well
  • All mail that needs to be sent out will be in the mail box.


  • At reception you will learn how to answer the phone, greet clients, and ensure faxes are forwarded to the right person.

  • Courier is used if a package needs to be sent out quickly and safely.

Any additional tasks that come up such as:
  • Scanning
  • Photocopying
  • Filing


The reason I have decided to choose these tasks is because even though they may seem small, it is important work that must be done thoroughly and efficiently and is a major part of my role at Speigel Nichols Fox.

Also, these tasks teach organizational, time-management and communication skills. For example, reception is a very important responsibility because it is the first impression a client will get when visiting or calling the office. In order to give a good impression communication and organizational skills are needed in order to provide the client with professional assistance.

Details of the Activity

Mail Distribution:

1. REMEMBER: if the envelope does not say it is addressed to Speigel Nichols Fox DO NOT OPEN.

  • For example if the envelope says:
  • To: Brian Nichols and Jonathan Speigel, but does not say Speigel Nichols Fox LLP do not open

2. There will be checks coming in that are being paid to TD. These usually go to Rosanna.

3. Everything that comes in the mail will be date stamped however never stamp a court document or cheque. For these documents, date stamp a sticky and put the sticky on the document.

4. Any mail that comes to a person who no longer works here will be thrown away, however if it deals with lawyer then it will be given to Jonathan. (If you are still not sure just ask!)

5. If registered mail has been returned to us then we will open it and staple the envelope with the letter and a date stamp letting us know when it was returned back to us.

6. Tax certificates or writs should be photocopied and given to Shirley.

Regular Mail:
1. Is left in the mail box, and most of the time it will need postage.

2. After all the mail is collected and has postage at the end of the day it is sent out by 5pm by putting it in the mailbox downstairs.


1. At reception you are required to answer the phone and help direct clients in the best way possible. Don’t forget to be polite and say:
  • “Good Morning/Afternoon. Speigel Nichols Fox.”
2. When transferring a call to another extension follow these steps:
  • Press Transfer.
  • Dial the extension number.
  • Then press Join (it will be at the same button as transfer).

3. When a client comes in for an appointment ask them who they are here to see, and their own name. Once you know that, walk over or call the lawyer and let them know who is here to see them.

4. Clients may come in and request to drop off money or a cheque.

  • We accept cheques right away with not much paper work to be done. When a client gives you a cheque:
  • Make a photocopy.
  • Stamp and date stamp the copy.
  • Sign the copy.


If there is time left you will also learn how to send out a courier.


1. When sending out a Courier that is in the local GTA area we use CVC to get a package sent out quickly and safely.

2. To schedule a pick up you will need to fill out a CVC slip found at reception. After filling out the slip call CVC to let them know the package is ready for pick up.

  • CVC: (905) 793-7171

3. What to say:

4. State your name and say you are calling from Speigel Nichols Fox.

5. Then state the type of courier you need (overnight, 3 hour rush, etc) and the city it needs to go to (for example, Toronto).

6. They will then ask where to send it, at that point you will read out the address on the package.

  • Hi, this is ________ calling from Speigel Nichols Fox. We have an overnight (or 3 hour rush, etc) courier going to (city) to (state the address).

7. Don’t forget to record all of the information in the red courier booklet as well.

Required Materials

  • Date Stamp
  • Note Pad
  • Pens
  • Phone List
  • Courier Slips
  • Sticky Notes

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher

Please wear professional attire. See photos below for some examples.

Approved: Date, Time and Activity

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