My Story (Future Me)

Air Force: Pilot

My Visions

My vision of me in the future consisted of me being a private pilot. As I advanced in my life and through the course I decided I would rather serve my country, and become and air-force pilot.

Skills, Interests, Strengths, and Abilities.

Skills/Interests/Strengths: Flute, Video Games, and I'm smart.

Interests - Video Games, Flute, and airplanes. Also being smart.

High School: Freehold Twp.

I am going to Freehold Township, graduating in the year 2021.
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College: USAF Academy

After graduating from Freehold Twp. I will be attending the Air Force Academy. This is an Air Force specialized school that offers a very advanced Bachelor of Science degrees. They also offer flight classes (which I will be taking). They provide free room and board as well as free meals, 3 a day. They also provide the uniforms. In exchange for this excellent education and services, you have a federal obligation to serve either 4 years in active duty or 8 years in reserve.


Airforce: Pilot

My career interest is that I want to be a pilot in the Air Force. Members of the Air Force receive many allowances, such as housing allowances, and food allowances. The salary for members of the Air Force differs based on rank and years of service. Pilots have to be an officer so the first service year I would earn $35,668. Seems small right? The MANY benefits makes up for it.
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I would live on an Air Force Base. (Above; McGuire Air Force Base). So I do not have much choice.


This is my digital story. Not much changed from the beginning of the course, however a few things did. As seen above. :D Thanks!