Abraham Lincoln

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Early years

Birth: Hodgenville,Kentucky February 12th,1809

Education:He did not go to college.

Life before war:He was state legislature in Massachusetts for 7 years.

Contribution to the civil war

Abraham Lincoln

He was 16th president and also commander of the union during the war.Some of his famous speeches include his First Inaugural Address,Second Inaugural Address,and most Importantly the Emancipation Proclamation which freed all slaves(in the rebelling states).

Life after the Civil War

Unfortunately Lincoln did not live that long after the civil war.He was killed on April 15th,1865 In a theater by John Wilkes Booth.Lincoln is buried in Springfield,Illinois In Oak Ridge Cemetery.In 1922 the Lincoln Memorial was built to honor Abraham Lincoln and the success he achieved.
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Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln!

1.He was an inventor

2.He had a dream that he was going to be shot and he was shot.

3.Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were shot in the head both on a Friday.

4.He read the bible daily but was never part of a church.

5.Lincoln had the first inaugural photograph

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