Frankfort High School Newsletter

July 30, 2021

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School Starts at 8:05 am

Students will be expected to be in the auditorium by 8:05 Monday morning, August 2nd for the Monday Morning Meeting. School will be out at 3:05. Doors open at 7:40 am for drop off and bus riders. All students will be required to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID. If you student is sick, has any COVID symptoms or has a fever, they will not be allowed at school.

Teachers welcomed Students and Parents back at open house

Thursday night Teachers and Staff welcomed the Panther families into the High School Thursday night. Students met with their RISE mentors, got their schedules, and went around to meet their teachers. Pizza was served, and everyone gathered in the Auditorium for a meeting. (See link below) Mrs O'Neil was collecting fees, and Counselors met with students about schedules. New students registered and everyone was glad to see each other in person.

Schedule Changes Will Still Be Made

The FHS counselors will be making schedule changes all week to make sure the students have the classes they need. Use this Form for Schedule Changes where students can sign up to meet with the counselors. Then the counselors will then call students to their office to help make the changes. Patience is necessary, all students needs will be met! (Students will need to logged into their SCHOOL google account with their school email to access the form)


Jenny Richardson -

Aimee Wilson -

Students Bring Student ID's to School

Any returning FHS student will need their student ID's next week. Please remind your student to bring it with them. If they have lost or never got one, they will be replaced this one time. After that one, replacements will be $5.

We will be printing IDs for new students and any student who needs one the first week of school.

Student Support Mental Health Services

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FHS Mental Health Providers:

Neal Fannin, CSW

Sarah Rhodes, LPCC

FHS Staff and Faculty Contact Information


Tyler Reed

Assistant Principal

Craig Foley


Jaime Woodside


Meagan (Wright) O'neil


Jenny Richardson

Aimee Wilson

Mental Health Providers

Neal Fannin, CSW

Sarah Rhodes, LPCC

Math Department

Jacob Rexroat

Melissa Crosby

Krystal Conway-Cunningham C2

Science Department

Deron Norman

Al Perry

David Perry

Social Studies Department

Mallory Pennington

Ben Kinderis

English Department

Sara Boggs

Samantha Ratcliffe

Lauren Traylor

Elective & Career Tech Ed Department

Arlene Crabtree

Melissa Young

LeeAnn O'Brien

Melony Martinez

Brenton McNear

Julia Harmon

Brad Nunn

Eric Latham

Exceptional Ed Department

Sabrina Mouser

Denise May

Instructional Coach

Joe Rogers

Student Support Services and Career Specialists

Travis McConathy

Mac Yocum

Preston Pearl

Tisa Conway-Cunningham TC2

Alan Spade

Larry Bush

Internship Coordinator

Shane Hecker

Panther Transition Academy

Chris O'Bryan

Joe Peach

Butch Jointer

Charles Nelson

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FIS Has Homeless Assistance Available

Frankfort Independent now has assistance for the homeless. If you would like additional information, please contact:

Kelli Hume

FIS Homeless Coordinator

875-8658 Ext 2243