3rd Grade GT Math


What's going on in math

Howdy! This week we are focusing on addition and subtraction. We are now on the process of using the standard algorithm. Though students may revert back to other strategies my goal is for them to find the most efficient one for them.

This weeks questions of the weeks are focused on higher level operational thinking. I have only two down because it might take multiple nights/days. I will give one of them Monday and one of them Wednesday. The can work on these at home or in free time to come up with a solution. These are from a great website: http://www.openmiddle.com/

Think Through Math

Think Through Math is underway. Please help the students remember they are to do two lessons a week. The login for the students will be:

username: lastnamefirstname (Ex: knightmiles)

password: ID number (Ex: 12345)

Also, I strongly recommend students to use scratch paper. I will be encouraging them to bring their mathematician book home to record there work in. If they bring them back I will look through them to see the wonderful math ideas they come up with.

Weekly Schedule

Monday--Addition and Subtraction problem solving

Question de jour-- Place any digit, 1 through 9, in the boxes below to create the smallest possible difference. Each digit can only be used once.

(picture found below)

Tuesday--Addition and Subtraction problem solving

Wednesday--Addition and Subtraction problem solving

Question de Jour-- Using the digits 0 through 9, find the two numbers that, when rounded to 500 have the greatest possible difference. Each digit can only be used once.

Thursday-- Addition and Subtraction problem solving

Friday-- Addition and subtraction problem solving?

Source to questions of the week http://www.openmiddle.com/



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