2nd Hand News

April 27-May 1

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2nd grade has had a busy few weeks. When the weather has been nice, we have been able to venture outside to check on our adopted trees. We also saw a woodpecker in action. In our butterfly unit, we saw the amazing process of a caterpillar becoming a chrysalis with our own eyes! The chrysalides are now in the butterfly garden, and 2nd graders have been making observations. Research for butterfly reports using nonfiction texts has begun. If the butterflies cooperate, we can have a release party on Grandparents Day. After reading The Travels of Monarch X, the children should be able to wonder where our butterflies might migrate. BUTTERFLY UPDATE: The first butterfly emerged on Friday!

We are blending science and language arts by learning the definitions of the butterfly life cycle for WordArt. In reading, the children are learning to use expression while reading, using Venn diagrams to compare and contrast story characters, creating story maps, and working on sequencing. Our grand finale to Fantastic Mr. Fox was watching the movie and having an age-old discussion about books vs. film adaptations. 2nd graders have continued to reinforce the spelling rules associated with -ed and -ing, and are excited about the "Big One" challenge word.

Making a Gallon Guy/Girl has helped the students in their understanding of liquid measurement and capacity equivalencies. We are also working on estimating capacity and discussing amounts from ounces to gallons, and the students are creating their own math sentences about capacity. Students enjoyed learning how many sips equal one ounce in Mrs. Wiley's restaurant.

Fun spring events have included the Talent Show, a Taiko (Japanese drum) concert, attending a musical at the Keswick Theater, an Italian Ice treat for winning the Fall Frolic (can 2nd grade do it again?), a campus clean up and planting with our Big Friends, and more seeds planting.


  • Students should turn in their April reading calendars. The last one of the year is coming home May 1st! Happy reading!
  • Spring Frolic is Saturday, May 2nd.
  • The Art Show opens on the evening of May 7th and goes until May 8th.
  • Grandparents Day is Friday, May 8th.

Enjoy the weekend!

With a smile,

Mrs. Nyce