Hannah Lail & Hailey Ramsey


Education is important to puritans because it teaches them a lot about religion. We know this because "they believed to be save or to know God you had to have an education so you could understand the bible". Teachers have other responsibilities, like "cleaning, ringing the church bell and being a minster". These facts support my topic because education has a lot to do with religion which ties into the daily life.
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The clothes the puritans wore didn't really matter because they wore soft color clothing. "They dyed their clothes in vegetables dyes". Men wore like hats and women wore dresses. "Men wore hats they decorated". This supports my topic because it shows not everybody had a specific dress code.
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Religion was very important to the puritans because they had to have catholic influences. Its basically split into two groups, some attend regularly and some just go to meetings, but everyone has to attend meetings. The puritans thought very highly in their religion. "They pray a lot and read their bible a lot". "They believed that God determined if they went to heaven or not". They believed God knew what was going to happen in their life. Roger Williams came from Massachusetts in 1631. He came over to preach but later was banned from a unorthodox teaching. Religion is important to the puritans because it was part of their life everyday.
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