Canterbury Elementary School

September Newsletter

Welcome Back!

The staff at CES are so excited to welcome our students, whether they are participating in the hybrid model or the fully remote model. This newsletter will give you some important information for the start of school. Please reach out to your child's teacher or to me with any questions.

Important Information


The first day at school for students in Cohort A will be Wednesday, 9/9. The first day at school for students in Cohort B will be Thursday, 9/10. Friday, 9/11 will be a remote learning day for all students. Teachers will schedule their first virtual whole class morning meeting via Google Meet. Monday, 9/14 will begin our first full week of school and will be a remote learning day for everyone.

Morning Arrival

Supervision begins at 8:10, and students may be dropped off at this time. Parking is allowed on the right side of the parking lot only between 9 AM and 2 PM, and after dismissal ends. This eliminates private vehicles moving while students are exiting buses/cars. All vehicles will pull up to the playground entrance. A staff member will meet the children and guide them safely to the playground. This prevents a backup of traffic on Baptist Road.

Breakfast/Morning Recess

Students may get a bagged breakfast or play with friends outside. Unfortunately, the playground equipment is closed during the school day, but our staff is very excited to show the students some fun new games. On rainy days, the students will wait in the gym with physical distancing protocols in place.

Starting Our Day

The bell to start the day is at 8:30. Students will line up outside with their classes at this time. We have created specific areas for each class to allow for physical distancing.

Lunch and Recess

Students will have lunch and recess at the following times:

11:10 Lunch (K-2)

11:50 Recess (K-2)

11:10 Recess (3-5)

11:50 Lunch (3-5)

Specials Classes at CES

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of specials classes at CES. A number of our specialists are shared between buildings in the Shaker schools. In order to address scheduling difficulties, we have set the following plan for the first month of school:

PE: Physical Education will be offered remotely to all CES students. Mrs. Doucette will be loading learning activities into See Saw or Google Classroom for students to access and participate in while at home.

Art: Art for Cohorts A and B will be taught by our enrichment teacher, Mrs. Gingrich. Students in Cohort C will complete the lessons provided by both Mrs. Gingrich and Mrs. Van Cura. Mrs. Gingrich will be collaborating with Mrs. Van Cura to ensure that the art lessons are in line with the art learning goals.

Technology Integration & Enrichment: Mrs. Gingrich's role will also include technology integration. She will work closely with Mr. Gingrich in determining the needs that classroom teachers have for integrating technology during remote learning. Mrs. Gingrich will continue to provide enrichment activities remotely and to classrooms. She may also combine some of her enrichment activities with art and technology lessons.

Library & Music: For the most part, library and music classes will push in to the regular classrooms. Students will still be able to borrow books for in-class and at-home reading.

Guidance & Health: Guidance & Health lessons will also push in to the regular classrooms. Mrs. Myers, our school counselor will take the lead in teaching these classes, as Mrs. Rutledge, our nurse will be responding to student and staff health needs.


Dismissal will begin at 2:10. Walkers will be dismissed to the office. Bus riders and car riders will be dismissed to the gym, where staff will be on hand to guide them.

No private vehicle is allowed to enter the parking lot from 2 PM until the buses leave at approximately 2:20 PM. Please remember it is illegal to park and wait on Baptist Road in front of the school. That would create a very dangerous situation as traffic attempts to pass waiting vehicles.

After the buses have departed, those in private vehicles may enter the school driveway and proceed to the playground entrance. A staff member will escort each child safely to their ride.

There is only one entrance to the school parking lot and the traffic must proceed in one direction.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that our routines are efficient and safe.

Mrs. Chubb

I'm so excited to be joining the Canterbury Elementary School staff. Prior to this year, I served as the Associate Principal at Belmont Elementary School. I look forward to meeting all of you in the coming weeks.

Mondays at CES

Mondays are remote learning days for all students. Each Monday will start with a whole class morning meeting (all cohorts) via Google Meet. Students in Cohort C will receive instruction in both language arts (reading/writing) and math. Teachers will schedule lesson times with the learners. Students in cohorts A and B will work on assignments provided by their teachers when they were in school. Classroom teachers may also schedule time with individual students/families or small groups in the afternoon, as needed.

More Information for Students in Cohort C

Students in cohort C will receive their assignments and submit work (or evidence of learning) through our remote learning platforms (See Saw for grades K-2 and Google Classroom for grades 3-5). These students will also have the opportunity to check in with teachers for questions and coaching on Tuesday through Friday during the last hour of the day, which is scheduled for 2:15 - 3:15.

More Information for Students in Cohorts A and B

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, teachers will be focused on in-person instruction for Cohort A students. On Thursdays and Fridays, teachers will be focused on in-person instruction for Cohort B students. They will provide assignments for application and practice that these students will work on during their days away from school.

Guidelines for Daily Time Spent on Schoolwork

The following are guidelines for daily time spent on schoolwork while at home. If your student is spending significantly more or less time on his or her assignments, please contact the classroom teacher to discuss.

K-2: 60-90 minutes

3-5: 90-120 minutes

Responsive Classroom

At CES, we follow the Responsive Classroom philosophy and program. Accordingly, the first six weeks of school will begin with an emphasis on forming relationships and learning new school expectations and routines, gradually moving into academics over time. If your student is in Cohort C, please understand that the academic requirements of your student will gradually increase, as we try to align the academic standards across all cohorts.

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