CLS PK-12 Newsletter

January 2019

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Mark Your Calendar

January 1st & 2nd - Winter Break

January 17th: School Board Meeting 5pm Elementary Library

January 21st – MLK Day, School Closed

January 24th – Parent Dinner 5pm-7pm Four Seasons Cafeteria

Janurary 28th – End of First Semester

January 28th – School Closed for Students, Data Day

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Notes from the Nurse

Please stay home if:

· Fever of 100 degrees or higher

· Vomiting or Diarrhea within the last 24 hours

· Body rash

· Head lice

· Eye infection

· Hospital visit

Able to return:

· Fever free for 24 hours (without medication)

· Once student has been treated for infection or lice and/or cleared by doctor.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the nurse:

Elementary & Secondary:

Lela Palmese, LPN

253-445—6000 ext. 3045

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Attendance Matters

Excused Tardies & Absences:

· Doctor’s Appointment

· Illness (3 or more days needs a Dr’s note)

· Bereavement

· Family Emergency

· Religious Event

Unexcused Tardies & Absences:

· Missed Bus

· Arriving to school 10 or more minutes after school starts at 8:30am.

· Picking up your child 10 or more minutes before end of day at 3:30pm.

PLEASE remember to call Viola (Elementary) at ext. 3119 or Thebah (MS/HS) at ext. 3204

Early Dismissal

Excused Absence Policies apply to early dismissals and will add to cumulative absence totals.

Anytime a student is at school and leaves before the end of his/her regularly scheduled school day, it is an early dismissal. Students must check out through the front office prior to leaving, or they will be considered truant. The office will verify that they have proper parent/guardian permission. Students with an approved early dismissal must leave campus at the dismissal time. If they remain on campus, they will be considered truant if they are not in their scheduled classes.

After 3 Absences

· Phone call (letter sent if contact is not made)

Included In the phone call and letter will be an offer to set meeting with school officials to discuss a plan to address barriers

to attendance and working on possible interventions.

After 5 Absences

· Attendance letter and phone call

These will include same information as above, as well as a meeting time for parent/guardian and student to meet with school officials. The meeting will address:

Barriers to attendance


An attendance contract

After 7 Absences

· Student and parent/guardian referred to Elders Panel.

After 10 Absences

(20 sessions at Elementary, or 70 periods at Secondary)

· Student (if 16 or older) or the parent/guardian (if student is under 16) will be referred to the Student Resource Officer and the prosecutor.

College Bound Scholarship

Did you know you can go to college for free?

7th and 8th grade students will have the opportunity to apply for the College Bound Scholarship. This is an early commitment of state financial aid for eligible students who sign up before the end of their 8th grade year and fulfill the College Bound Pledge. More information will be coming to you through the mail. Please return the completed form to the Cedar Lodge Counselor, La’Ghea Jackson as soon as possible.

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Counselors Corner

Frog Lodge and Salmon Lodge will be doing lunch bunches and small group counseling beginning in January. Salmon Lodge is currently running 5th grade girls and 5th grade boys groups that focuses on friendship, relationship building, healthy coping skills and community building among other topics. These groups will run for the school year. Other examples of small group topics include growth mindset, managing feelings, social skills, self-esteem, self-control, managing stress, dealing with change and healthy coping skills. Salmon Lodge is also supporting AVID by focusing on opportunities to grow in the areas of academic skills and college/ career readiness. If you are interested in learning more about specific topics of small groups we are running or would like more information, please contact your child’s School Counselor.

If you are in need of community resources, outside counseling referrals, or are looking for additional support, please contact your child’s school counselor.

Happy New Year!

Frog Lodge: Greg Artis ext. 3191

Salmon Lodge: Brigette Curry ext. 3189

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Chief Leschi Early Childhood Education

1/9/19 - Coffee for Parents. 11am - 1pm. Secondary Library

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A Friendly Note from Transportation

Please remember to call in all transportation changes to the transportation department before 2:00pm to be sure there is time to schedule the route and notify school offices and teachers before the buses are loaded.

You can also notify us by email at Emails must also be received by 2:00pm. We will reply to your email so you know that we received your message. It is important to us that we get your children to the right location every day!!

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