Gender Equality in Education

UNICEF Education Equality

How to Promote and Sustain Gender Equality

  • Early child development and school readiness: childhood programs that focus on developing skills of young children that can affect their later well-being
  • Equal access to education and primary schools: UNICEF makes programs like the School Fee Abolition Initiative which help countries work together in removing school fees
  • Girl's Education and Gender Equality: UNICEF continues to tackle girl's education issues like discrimination, violence, and exclusion.

Less Than 4 Years of Schooling

Looks at indicators like:

  • Gender
  • Urban/Rural
  • Region
  • Wealth

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How to Help with this Cause

  • Education: Advocacy for gender-equality; Support for gender sensitive teaching; Identification of prevailing gender stereotypes and how to address them
  • Go onto UNICEF's website and research ways to help their causes
  • Donate to UNICEF's cause
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