The Wright Challenge Group

Give me 10 Minutes a Day, I'll give you results!

What is it?

A group of everyday people leading busy lives who want the same get fit and to get healthy!! It is a 30 day Committment to work together to achieve a common goal

Where is it?

On Facebook! We will all meet virtually in a "secret group". The group is SECRET, so all postings stay within the group. A challenge group is one of the best and most proven ways to stay accountable, motivated and inspired. The group is comprise of busy people living busy live who are all looking to achieve the same goal...Increased fitness and health in a 30 day challenge group of individuals with similar goals to yours.

The Product?

10 minutes a Day! That is all it takes! We will be utilizing Beach Body "10- Minute Trainer" Challenge packs. Each pack has a series of videos that can be done at home, Shakeology...The Healthiest Meal of the Day, and online tools such as meal planners (with shopping lists), to help us all achieve our goals. We can do it TOGETHER!!! Who can't find 10 Minutes to improve your health??
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The Person?

JoLynn Wright, Health and Wellness Coach and Fitness Junkie, mother of three. In 2012 I turned my life around, lost 40 pounds and in the best shape of my life, now I am helping others do the same.

How to join?

Contact me at:

Tweet me @JoLynnWright

Or Facebook Message me at