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September 2021


Principal Comments

Dear Warrior Families -

We have had a wonderful start to the 2021-22 school year. It was so wonderful to welcome all of our students back to school last week.

We want to celebrate some of our students who are involved in activities. They showed the Warrior Way in leadership by going to Anne Sullivan and welcoming their students to the start of a great year. Even the rain on the first day of school did not deter these student leaders from inspiring younger students. #warriorleadtheway

We are continually inspired by our students who show up each and every day, giving their best to encourage others. Please encourage your student to get involved in activities here at WHS. Being a part of a team or a group or a club has many positive benefits for the student and for the community. #warriorsareinvolved

We know that when students are present each day, they build connections and relationships with those around them that like and appreciate the same things. Students need to attend every class, every day to receive the most academic benefit. The end goal of high school is the diploma! When they are here every day, they have opportunities to be involved and get connected to other students. The advantages of good attendance are many!!!

The Sioux Falls School District knows attendance matters. The Attendance Matters! infographic from Assistant Superintendent, Dr. James Nold, illustrates the importance of daily attendance and the type of next steps you can expect if your student misses school.

As a school, we will use a variety of communication tools to get in contact with you to encourage your student to be in school. You may receive text messages, voicemails, emails - all in an effort to help you encourage your student to attend school and get connected to positive opportunities at school. #attendancematters.

The month of September ends with our Homecoming Week celebration, September 27 - October 1st. The Homecoming Variety Show and Coronation will be on Monday, September 27th at 6:00 p.m. in the auditorium. The Homecoming Football Game this year will be played on Thursday, September 30th at 6:00 p.m. versus the Brookings Bobcats. Students will receive additional information on dress up days and other fun events as we get closer to Homecoming week! #homecoming2021

Thank you for all you do as parents to positively encourage your student to be involved at school. Make it a great month!

Best regards ~

WHS Administration

Kari Papke, Preston Kooima, Heidi Jorgenson, Nate Malchow


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Back to School Letter

Click here for all the information you need to know regarding back to school.


Warrior halftime

Click here for all the information regarding Warrior Halftime and what it is.

New Bell Schedules for 2021 - 2022 School Year

Find new schedules for: School day, 1 and 2 hour late start, semester test, In-Service & Tournaments.


New Counselor Alpha Assignment for 2021-2022 School Year

New Counselor Alpha Assignment for 2021-22 School Year

Jacob McDonald = A through COL

Jennifer Witt = COM through G

Shelli Wiese = H through LA

Tammy Nold = LE through OL

DeAndra McCarthy = OM through SO

Travis Sieber = SP through Z

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Instagram = whs_counseling

Welcome new counselors

We are excited to announce that DeAndra McCarthy and Shelli Wiese are joining the WHS Counseling team! They bring a wealth of experience to Washington High School and are ready to meet students and parents. Welcome DeAndra & Shelli!


WHS Counseling Information

Click here to find out what your school counselor can do for you.


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School Meals

Welcome back to a new school year where we believe you will see many new things from Child Nutrition Services. We are thrilled to share with you the fact all meals, Breakfast and Lunch, are FREE again this year. This makes it easier for your checkbooks and for all students.

Please note that if your child brings a lunch and wants to purchase a milk, there will be a $.40 charge for the milk. Want to avoid the milk charge? “Pick 3 Free” - If your child chooses a fruit and vegetable to go with the milk, federal rules say we can make that count as a meal and not be required to charge you for the milk.

Even though meals are free, we are encouraging families to complete the Free/Reduced application online if you believe you may qualify for the benefit. This will help you with some of the other discounts you have counted on in the past if you have that confirmation.

If your student is in Middle or High School and they wish to purchase Ala Carte’ items, money can be put on their accounts through My School Bucks or by sending money or check with them to put on the account. If they do not have any money on the account, extra items cannot be purchased. To keep the lunch lines moving, we would appreciate if the money is dropped off at the beginning of the day so it is available in your child’s account. Change will not be given in the serving lines; all money will be placed on the student account.


Parking Passes

Apply and pay for student parking passes online at:

Passes are $50.00 (must have completed online registration and taken care of any missing items and/or fees).

Passes purchased in advanced may be picked up at Warrior Day.

For more information click on link at top of newsletter titled "Back to School Letter".


Click here for Tripper bus information

Once on the link, scroll down to see the prices and choose Morning Regular Route or Afternoon Regular Route to see stops or choose Visit the MAP.


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free covid-19 vaccination clinics in september!

The Sioux Falls School District is teaming up with surrounding health partners to offer COVID-19 vaccination clinics at three Community Centers across the city during the month of September. Any person, ages 12 and up, who wishes to receive the vaccination can visit the nearest Community Center for their first dose in early September and return to the same location three weeks later for the second dose. There is no cost for the vaccination.

Talk with your health care provider to determine whether the vaccine is right for you and your child(ren).

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Circle Of courage fundraiser

Click here for WHS chorus fundraiser - circle of courage.


2021 Presidents Bowl

Presidents Bowl Football Games

The 30th Annual Presidents Bowl will be held on Friday, September10 and Saturday, September 11, 2021 at Howard Wood Field. And, for the first time in Presidents Bowl history, it will feature 4 football games!


Friday, September 10

  • Jefferson vs Rapid City Stevens – 4:00pm
  • Lincoln vs Harrisburg – 8:00pm

Saturday, Sept 11

  • Washington vs O’Gorman – 1:00pm
  • Roosevelt vs Brandon – 5:00pm

Tickets will be sold in the fall at Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt High Schools. Contact your school's Booster Club to find out when tickets go on sale.

  • Washington High School Booster Club
  • Roosevelt High School Booster Club
  • Lincoln High School Booster Club
  • Jefferson High School Booster Club

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the inaugural presidents bowl cornhole tournament

Click here to find out more information about the cornhole tournament.

presidents bowl basketball tournament

Click here to find out more information about the basketball tournament.


Home sweet homecoming

September 27-October 1

Subject to Change

Dress Up Days: Sports Day, Pajama Day, Tourist Day, USA Day and School Spirit

Variety Show 7 p.m. $5 per person

Coronation 8 p.m.


Varsity Football Game vs. Brookings at Howard Wood Field 6 p.m.


Lunchtime Pizza Feed, Music, Games, Variety Show

Warrior Block Party: Games, Music and Snacks time to be determined


2021 yearbook update

I know that many of you are wondering about distribution of the 2021 yearbook that you ordered. We did receive our shipment, but when we looked at the books, we discovered that Jostens had printed 16 pages from a high school in Ohio instead of our pages. They are reprinting our books, but I have not been given a target date for delivery. Once they arrive, we will announce that students should stop by my room to pick them up. Those who do not will have their books given to their 3rd period teachers once we get them sorted.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this unprecedented situation.

Cindy Heckenlaible

Washington High School

Journalism: newspaper & yearbook

American Film History



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the warrior zone's september "deal of the month"

The Warrior Zone’s September “Deal of the Month” is 25% off all WHS headwear items. WHS headwear includes baseball hats, trucker hats, bucket hats, stocking caps and beanies. You can view the headwear items and all the rest of our products at

21-22 Annual Student Information


  • New Student Online Registration
    • This option is open all year and should be used for new families/students to the district (for example, students that have never been enrolled with the district or those students that have left the district and are returning).
    • For parents completing registration at home on a laptop or desktop, registration is done through the SFSD Website. (See attached document: 21-22 Online Registration Options, Online Registration - New Student)
    • For parents completing registration on a student Chromebook, at the school, or with clerical assistance, registration is done through the Kiosk bookmark “Kiosk-New Student Registration”. (See attached document: Online Registration – Kiosk Options)
  • Annual Student Information Update (Existing Students)
    • This option is open May through September.
    • For parents completing the annual update at home on a laptop or desktop, they should log into their parent portal account, select ‘More’ from the left index and then the “Annual Information Update” link display. (See attached document – 21-22 Online Registration Options, Online Registration – Existing Families)
    • For parents completing registration on a student Chromebook, at the school, or with clerical assistance, registration is done through the Chromebook bookmark at the top left of the screen, named “Parent Portal Log-in”. (See attached document: Online Registration – Kiosk Options)
    • Parents must be logged in as a parent to see their students. Logging in as a student or staff/teacher will not allow them to see their students or the annual information update link.
    • Only Household A parent/guardians will be able to complete an annual update through Parent Portal.
    • Household B parent/guardians will be able to access the Annual Student Information Update link within their Parent Portal, but will be given the following message once they open the link: “Online registration is not available at this time for the following reasons: You are not indicated as a guardian for an enrolled student, student is not residing in this household the greater portion of the school year, the account that is being used does not belong to a parent/guardian, an online application has already been submitted for this school year or annual student information updates are not being accepted at this time.”
    • ITS will mail blue annual update forms to Household B parents in late July/early August.
  • Annual Student Information Update with New Student Added (new Kindergarten student, new foster child, new guardianship, foreign exchange student, etc.)
    • This option is open May through September.
    • Parents with an active Parent Portal account should update their existing student(s) information following the existing student annual update instructions above. On the Student Tab, parent will have the option to “Add New Student” before submitting the application.
    • *REMINDER: You will need to check the entire OLR for new students (including the Language Information pleat, previous schools pleat for IEP/504 information, etc.) on all new students added to the application.
If there is a language other than English noted, place the entire OLR on hold and email Kristen Smith at the Intake Center. Provide her with the student name and the application number. Do not process the OLR or enroll the new student until Kristen approves this.


WHS School Calendar for 2021-2022

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District Parent Calendars

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Washington HIgh School Calendar

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