William Penn

Founder of Pennsylvania

By:Noah Patterson


William Penn once said, "right is right even if everyone is against it and wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it"William Penn was a very religious. Pennsylvania was a good place to settle. William Penn wanted to call the land Sylvania but the king changed it to Pennsylvania. These are the three things I learned about William Penn, his early life, his family, and him founding Pennsylvania.

William Penn was a very religious man.

At the age of 22 penn joined the religious group known as The Quakers. Penn

was imprisoned because he wrote a paper against the church that the king didn't like. his father was angry about it. The Quakers, the religious group that Penn was a part of, were persecuted because they didn't follow the King's rules. Being a Quaker meant having freedom.

Pennsylvania was a good place to settle.

Pennsylvania was a place that was not ruled by a king, instead the people disided to make rules for themselves. It was important to Penn that people could have a chance to confess if they were guilty or not. There were fair trials. Pennsylvania was a good settlement for Europeans but Penn didn't make any money off of it. Pennsylvania was the best settlement.

William Penn wanted to call his land Sylvania but Charles changed it to Pennsylvania

Penn used his wealthiness to make a colony where Quakers can live without torture. Penn's colony let people with religion can live. Pennsylvania was a place were people could practice their religion. Talented people came to Pennsylvania because of their skills. William Penn used his wealth to make a colony where people could bring their skills to Pennsylvania.


I think that william Penn was a nice person. He used his own weath to make a colony were people could live religious. He made a colony that was not ruled by a king for all the people that hated living by a king. He made a colony were Quaker could live in peace. He didn't have to make this colony but he did I think that is brave.