The Hate List

By: Jennifer Brown

"I didn't mean for anyone to die."


The main characters in this book are Valerie Leftman and Nick Levil. Valerie has some tough times to face in this book. The book all starts when a student, Nick Levil, opens fire in the school cafeteria at Garvin High School. He killed many people.

The reason for doing so was all because his soon to be girlfriend, Valerie Leftman got very frustrated/angry with people. Since Valerie, got angry at so many people she decided to start this thing called the Hate List. She would put down any people she didn't like, people she was mad at, or just things she didn't like. Later,Nick (Val's boyfriend) wanted to join in on the Hate List.

Val started the Hate List because when she was on the bus her classmate, Christy Bruter who she doesn't get along with, threw her MP3 player and broke it. Val, then, told Nick and he was going to something about it.

The next day, Nick shot the some of the people that were on the Hate List. He even shot a teacher, Mr. Kline, that has a wife and three kids. When Val caught up to Nick to stop him, she tripped over Mr.Kline and ran in front of Jessica Campbell (another classmate). Nick hit the trigger meaning to shoot Jessica but instead shot Val in the thigh. Nick, later, shot himself while Val ended up in the hospital to be questioned by police.


  • Valerie's mom's house- this is where Valerie is at most of the time
  • Valerie's dad's house- she went here after her dad came and picked her up
  • The hospital- where Valerie and Ginny Baker end up
  • The cemetery- where Nick is buried
  • The school- Garvin High School; where Valerie and her friends go to school at
  • Dr. Hieler's office- a therapist who Valerie talked to

Author information

Jennifer Brown grew up mostly in Kansas City and also some time is New Jersey. She is married to her husband, Scott and has three children. Jennifer never wanted to be a writer. She wrote her first short story when she was in fourth grade. It was two pages long and hand-written. She, then, showed it to her grandma and her grandma just started cracking up. Jennifer's grandma was the one who inspired her to start writing books.


The protagonist in the book Hate List is Valerie. Val was the girlfriend of the shooter(Nick).

The antagonist is Nick. Nick causes a lot of problems for Valerie because after the shooting she didn't want to come to school anymore. People also accuse her of shooting all those people.

The main characters:

Jessica Campbell- she was Valerie's friend because Valerie saved her from not being shot and she also helped her get back on her feet.

Ginny Baker- she a victim of the shooting.

Christy Baker- she is the person who made Val start the Hate List.

Book Recommendations and Websites

Jennifer Brown also wrote the book Bitter End, Perfect Escape, and Thousand Words.

The books with similar topics are If I Stay by Gayle Forman, Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr, and Willow by Julia Hoban.


Personal Recommendation

I really like this book because it is a very touching story.The Hate List grabs your attention on the very first page. I would recommend this book for young adults, ages 12 and up. The reason why is because anyone younger would not understand the book. They wouldn't recognize the words. In the book there is also quite a bit of language that shouldn't be talked about. Hate List is a very deep book so the ages younger than 12 wouldn't quite get it. It also talks about peoples death and how it happened.

I hope you enjoy Hate List as much as I did!