iPad Band

in partnership with North Tyneside Learning Trust and Elsium

Join us to create our own iPad Band!

We are offering 10 North Tyneside Learning Trust Schools the unique opportunity to take part in an iPad Band Project with Elsium which will culminate in a Battle of the iPadBands event!

Schools will take part in a 1 day introductory event (with all 10 schools together) led by David. On this day, schools will be taught how to use Garageband and how to perform a piece.

After this event, each school have a whole day workshop in their own school with David and Laura, the eLearning Lead Teacher for NTLT to practise and perfect their chosen piece for the Battle of the iPadBand competition.

Laura will support schools throughout the year, and then at the end of the project, schools will be invited to a practice day with David and Laura where all 10 schools will come together to practise their pieces ready for their performance the following day!

iPad Band took BETT by storm last year... now we are giving our North Tyneside Learning Trust Schools the opportunity to do the same!

Elsium iPad Band Presents BETT

When the iPad was first introduced to the world, Elsium’s David Kirtlan immediately saw the potential of using it to engage non-musicians with music and allow them to take part in performances – and so the #ipadband was born.

As the creator of the iPad band concept, David has worked very hard over the years to bring iPad bands into the consciousness of music teachers around the world. He has created bands with primary children, secondary students and SEN students. He works with schools to create, compose and rehearse their own iPad band.

An iPad band is a great way of engaging all learners with music.

Using the technology effectively, non-musicians are able to join their musician peers as part of a performance. Enabling them to develop wider skills such as listening skills; collaboration skills; communication skills and more.

Get Involved!

If you would like to take part, contact Laura Dickinson, eLearning Lead Teacher on the details below. Please note: this is a first come, first served basis.