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The Weekly Buzz From Ms. Nelson's Pre-K Class

Thanks a Bunch!!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of me and the students of our classroom. Without you, our classroom would not be as successful as it is, and for that I would like to extend my sincerest thank you!!!

We're Putting in Work!!

Busy Bees at Work!

As you all are already aware, we very busy learning and growing. This week is no different as we are continuing our educational journey with fantastic lessons!

Scientific Encounters

In Science this week we are learning how to make healthy food choices. Our plates should be colorful like the rainbow!

Social Studies: What's Buzzing in Our Community?

In Social Studies this week we'll have a visit from a police officer/K-9 unit coming to speak to our class about their role in our community.

More Buzzworthy News!

Math is going to be fun-filled as we review our numbers 1-5 and add 5 more to make 10!! By the end of the week we'll be counting to 10!

Numbers Song - children songs

It's About Time We Talk About Rhyme!

In ELA, we are continuing our literary journey with Mother Goose. This week we are focusing on rhyming words in her nursery rhymes. Our class goal this week is to be able to say and create rhyming words. Students will need your help at home with making a list of ten rhyming pairs. Every day students should write down two rhyming words to their "Rhyme Tyme List" worksheet. By the end of the week, students should have a total of ten words. On Friday students will share their list will their classmates and as a class we'll compile one large "Rhyme Tyme List". We'll continue this activity throughout the six weeks to see just how many words we can come up with! We'll have a great time coming up with rhymes! I have included some our class' favorite rhyming videos. Allow your child to show you some of their smooth moves while they sing along. Please enjoy!

Letter A Song
5 Little monkeys - Nursery Rhymes - Pukis
Phonics (Rhyming Words)

That's all for now!! We'll be back next week with more buzz!!

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