Copopa Chronicle

April 30, 2021

Important Dates

5/20- Marco's Pizza Day

5/28-End of 4th Quarter

5/28- Last Day for Students! Enjoy Your Summer Vacation!

Marvelous Mondays

5/3- Wear your Favorite Hat or Headband

5/4- Star Wars Day- May the 4th Be With You!

5/10- Cartoon T-Shirt Day

5/17- Pajama and Stuffed Animal Day

5/24- Summer is Coming! Wear Your Sunglasses

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Marco's Pizza Night

Once again Copopa is entering into the Marco's Pizza Night School Challenge! By entering we have the chance to win prizes ranging from free Cheezybread Coupons up to $5000 for the school and a school wide pizza party (if permitted).

There are a couple of ways to help us out!

1.Order online ANY day or time during the school year and we can earn Pizza Points.

2.Walk in or Call in orders on the designated Marco's Pizza Nights will also earn us points!

Marco's Pizza offers these School Nights and they give back a percentage of sales generated from those nights that are called in on the phone or placed in the store. They give EVEN MORE for orders placed ONLINE! All orders online will be counted in the year long Online Challenge. BE SURE to hit the fundraiser button before you order!

This works for either the Strongsville or Berea location! Be sure to enter our school name when placing your order! Our designated day is Thursday, May 20, 2021. But remember that we can earn points ANY day of the year if you order online and enter our school name and if you remember, your child's teacher's name!

Jase Rundle's 100th Day Project

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Hope Meadows Art Contest

Hope Meadows Foundation, a mental health advocate, works with the community to provide equine assisted psychotherapy and life skills programs for children, teens and adults. This May, we are working with Northeast Ohio to promote mental health as a priority.

Our “Drawn to Heal” Art contest raises the question, “How Has the Pandemic Impacted your Mental Health?” Contestants can use the artistic medium of their to choosing to reveal their experience. Winning pieces will be broken into age categories (10 and under; 11-17; 18 and over) with awards going to first place winners and honorable mentions. The contest will be on display at Southpark Mall in Strongsville throughout the month of May.

This is a FREE virtual contest and we will be accepting submissions online at through May 15th with judging on May 21st.

“Historically we know that when dealing with disasters, such as a pandemic, the mental health impact outlasts the physical, which is why this is a critical need. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to stay connected to our community and find HOPE.”

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAIM), “1 in 5 adults experience mental illness each year and 1 in 6 youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year.” Throughout the pandemic, anxiety, depression, as well as suicides have increased for many, especially young adults. NAIM reports suicide as the second leading cause of death among people ages 10-34. The Covid 19 pandemic lingers worldwide with considerable surges in mental illness, as well as exacerbating existing mental illnesses.

Please help us bring light to this most important topic and join us on this mental health initiative. For more information on Mental Health Awareness month and our "Drawn to Heal" Art contest, visit:

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Hello Copopa families! I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break, we had such

beautiful weather, a great opportunity to get outside for some serious play! Unstructured

playtime with peers and siblings is a great way to learn social skills, cooperation, and


You may have noticed that we have a garden near the front of Copopa where once was

just a huge, empty green space with no shade. Last year I applied for a grant from the

Lorain County Community Foundation and was awarded $500.00 for a garden. I also

applied for a grant from The Columbia Endowment Fund and was awarded $1000.00.

My proposal included a garden with some trees, a paved walkway, perennial flowers

that attract wildlife, benches and chairs to sit, and a lovely, shaded space for students

and teachers to sit, read, and enjoy nature in a peaceful place. My original plan was for

students and teachers to collaborate to build the garden from scratch, using parent

volunteers and all students and teachers in groups from kindergarten to grade 4. We

know through research that when children experience nature and the outdoors, it helps

them to build resilience and calmness. We know that school gardens are wonderful

outdoor environments that strengthen local ecological systems while providing hands-on

learning resources for children and youth of all ages. They are child-centered places

that foster empathy, exploration, adventure, and a wide range of play and social

opportunities, while enhancing health and well-being and engaging the community.

Covid-19 changed our plans a bit, we were unable to bring in community and parent

volunteers, however, a local landscaping company called Century Landscaping from

right here in Columbia (owned by Gerald Peters) volunteered their labor as well as

donating benches! The result is Copopa’s Peace Garden, a beautiful, functional space

that can be used as a calming, soothing place for all students and teachers! When the

flowers and shrubs bloom, it will attract both butterflies and hummingbirds, allowing our

students to enjoy wildlife! I have included some photographs for you to enjoy, I hope

you will be able to visit soon!

Testing starts this month, so I have no classroom guidance lessons scheduled. Please

don’t place too much pressure on your student about this test, it is a small snapshot of

students’ abilities and strengths but by no means does it define how well your student

will do in life. Remember to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and relax!

If your child seems overly anxious, you can call me anytime or if you notice any red


As always, contact me anytime if you have questions about the counseling program at

Copopa or if you need assistance with your child. I can be reached at 440-236-3773 or

via email at

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I have learned of an amazing program in Lorain County, because no child should sleep on the floor. If your child is in need of a bed, please feel free to contact them directly or certainly let me know if can help make a referral:

Good Knights of Lorain County

A good night’s sleep is fundamental to good health, good academic performance, and a positive way of living. Too many children in our community have to sleep on cold, hard floors or in other uncomfortable conditions. Our volunteers do their best to help them, with one bed at a time.

Nurse Mindi's Sun Safety Tips!

Hello Copopa Families! Spring is in full swing and Summer is just right around the corner! Sun safety awareness is important as the sun shining days start to outweigh the rainy ones. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause a sunburn and other skin damage that could possibly lead to skin cancer. UV rays peak in intensity from 10am – 4pm. During those peak hours, it is important to protect exposed skin to the sun’s harmful rays. There are many ways to protect your family. Use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Be sure to apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply about every 90 minutes especially when swimming. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to cover as much skin as possible to protect the skin from the sun. Use sunglasses to protect the eyes and wide-brimmed hats to protect the face, head, neck and ears. When planning activities outdoors, pick shaded areas or find creative ways to make your own shade. Most important of all, have fun and enjoy the time together!

Mr. Hershey's P.E. Class

Cooperation and Teamwork are a big part of P.E. class with Mr. Hershey. Click the Youtube link to see some Copopa students having some parachute fun together!

You can check out more videos from P.E. in your student's P.E. Google Classroom!

Parachute Teamwork
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Afternoon Pick ups

If your child is not a permanent pick-up, please send in a note or call the office on the day you will be picking up your child after school. If you send a note, please send a note each day you pick up your child. Please do not send a note at the beginning of the week saying which days you'll pick up your child that week. We need a note each day to make sure we keep our records accurate. Thank you and GO RAIDERS!