The Lost Hero

By: Rick Riordan

Do you believe in Greek Gods?

This book was about a boy named Jason who woke up on a bus headed for a field trip to the Grand Canyon with no memory and his friends Piper and Leo. They where attacked at the Grand Canyon and where took to a camp called camp Half-Blood where they discovered they where demigods ,a child of a god and a mortal.They later found out who there god parent was Jason the son of Zeus, Piper the daughter of Aphrodite , and Leo the son of Hephaestus.they where sent on a quest to save the god Hera the god of marriage so the giant Porphyrion doesn't wake and start another war. while they where on this quest the Giant Enceladus took Pipers father and they had to save him. while on the way to save Hera Jason was reunited with his sister Thalia. They managed to save Hera but the King of Giants Porphyrion woke but they realized once they got back to camp Half-Blood that they had to go on another quest to Greece in order to defeat Porphyrion. " You must save Hera to prevent a Great Evil,"

My Evaluation

My Opinion of the book The Lost Hero is that its a great book i give it a 5/5 stars it had a lot of action and the only problem i had about the book was all of the Greek names that i cant pronounce.I Recommend this book for people who like a non-Fiction action book who don't mind to read 550 pages of a book.If you want to see the other books Rick Riordan has made visit his official web site.
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