NDS Weekly Updates

Week of May 23 - 27 2016

Happy Short Week!

Hope all had a lovely long weekend!

Updates for the week:


You will have noticed the parking pay station has been removed. As we discussed, we are in the process of thinking about updating some of our parking rules. We will float around some options to those who park to help decide. As a reminder, parking is a privilege and we are fortunate to have a place to park in the first place - historically for QS and RS there have been long waiting lists to be able to park at all.

Action item: As a first step, we'd like to get a sense of how many people would like to be considered for the daily "approved" parking list - please send me an email to be considered. Please remember that putting your name forward does not guarantee you a spot. Also please remember there are only 10 spots and the number of people who put their name forward may exceed the number of available spots. Thanks everyone for your cooperation!

Leadership Availability: Week of May 23 2016

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Have a wonderful short week!

A note that the air conditioning has now been turned on - a little pun of advice for those who might feel chilly :)