King of the solar system

Here are some cool and fun things you may need to know for your trip to Jupiter!

Did you know Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system? Are you aware that Jupiter is very cold , so get your blankets because it is -120C. One of the most popular features of Jupiter is the great red spot which is a storm that has been raging for over 300 years! Jupiter is also one of the brightest stars in the sky at night (beside Venus)! Be on the look out.

The picture below is the symbol for Jupiter.

The distance from the sun and Jupiter is 780,000,000 kilometers. The rotational period is 9h 55m. Oh and did you know that Jupiter has IO, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto and 46 other moons that revolve around Jupiter. But by far the best part of Jupiter is how much gravity it doesn't have so will be flying like a butterfly. The gravity on Jupiter is 25 m/s2 or 2.5xEarth!


Saturday, April 5th, 8pm


We will be taking off on a Saturday at 8:00am.

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We think that you will love Jupiter because it is the King of the planets, and when you step on the surface of Jupiter you feel royal and very King/Queen like!
NASA Jupiter video

This video is about the Juno spacecraft going to Jupiter

Jupiter, Fun facts

This is a video about Jupiter.

More facts about Jupiter

The nickname for Jupiter is "Jove" and the main components of the atmosphere are helium, hydrogen, gas, and some unknown gases. One of the most asked questions about Jupiter is "there water on Jupiter?" The answer is yes, but it is not "on" Jupiter. It is in the form of water vapor in the cloud tops.

Can People live on Jupiter?

No they cannot because Jupiter does not support human life like earth does. You can't live on jupiter because of how much gas it has. Also it doesn't have water in a liquid form and humans need liquid water to survive. Another reason why humans can't live on Jupiter is because Jupiter has 300 times more gravity then earth.