Quick Technology PD

Denver Community Schools

April 2nd

Our professional development on Wednesday will consist of small group technology sessions. Teachers should attend at least one session. Each session will last about an hour, including instructional time and time for teachers to practice and plan the integration of the technology.

Using a Learning Management System

Emily Huff

Emily Huff's Room (High School)

As we move 1:1, it will become increasingly important that teachers use a learning management system to organize content online and create digital assessments. Emily will share a comparison of Edmodo and Canvas.

Presentation Tools

Tyllie Corbin

3-5 Media Lab

Tyllie will show some presentation tools that she has used this year in Tech. Teachers will be exposed to and have the opportunity to explore with the following programs: PhotoPeach, Haiku Deck, Animoto, Flip Snack, Little Bird Tales, WeVideo, and the Story Creator App.

Beginning Google

Chris McCarville

Elementary Library

Chris will go over a lot of the beginner skills a teacher needs to know to use all aspects of the Google Applications. Included will be managing your students' Google Accounts and passwords, creating and collaborating in Google Docs and using Chrome, Gmail and Calendar.

Skype and Real World Connections

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson's Classroom (Middle School)

Jamie will share her experiences using Skype to connect her classroom with experts and classrooms outside of the Denver Community. She’ll explain what worked for her and how teachers can find their own opportunities to connect via Skype.

Online Writing Power of Blogs

Emily Huff

Emily Huff's Classroom (High School)

Emily will share her experience with using blogs in the classroom, as well as a discussion of how sharing writing with a larger audience through a blog can lead to more rigorous and relevant activities.

Twitter for You

Tyllie Corbin

3-5 Media Lab

Tyllie will share how to use Twitter for ongoing professional development. She will help you get set up with an account (if needed) and provide you with a number of hashtags to follow for education. Time permitting, we will explore TweetDeck as well.

Using Classroom Tech

Chris McCarville

Elementary Library

Chris will be covering some operating basics that all teachers need to be comfortable with. This includes using the Apple TV, using projectors and sound in the classroom, and using the copies to scan and email documents. Chris will also have time to take questions on tech problems and give teachers information related to common syncing issues.

Doctopus: Your Google Doc Friend

Joe Frenna

Joe Frenna's Classroom (Middle School)

Joe will share a Google Docs tool called Doctopus. Doctopus allows teachers to easily send out individualized Google Docs to students. Its a great way to distribute a Google Doc and a great way to create group collaboration work in Google too.

Teachers should attend at least one session.

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