Crittenden's Corner

Weekly Updates from Room 158

Dates to Remember

*Thursday, December 18- Winter Concert (6:00-7:00 PM)

*Friday, December 19- SPIRIT DAY: Claxton Colors

*Friday, December 19- Polar Express Day! (Children may dress in pajamas on this day :) )

*Winter Break - December 20th- January 4th! Have a great holiday with family and friends!

*Monday, January 5- First Day Back at School of the New Year!

Upcoming Birthdays

January 2- Da'Naysia Franks

January 29- Katelyn Hathcock

We loved seeing everyone at the Claxton Holiday Meal! :) Thank you for coming!

Mystery Readers

The children have loved having mystery reader Fridays! I would love to continue this Friday afternoon tradition, but I need your help! If you are able at all (if you haven't already!) to come and star as a mystery reader for the class, we would love to have you! Our read aloud time is from 2:10- 2:25! It is the perfect amount of time for one or two small books that are dear to you! Next week, December 19, we will NOT be having our mystery reader spot because of our Polar Express Day (see below for more details!). I would love for everyone to sign up for January spots!! The only way this will work is with your help :)!

Here's how it works. Follow this link: to sign up for a Friday! You may bring your own book or books, or you may let me know ahead of time and I will choose a book that is related to what we are studying! I need mystery readers for every week in January! The kids have loved getting to try to solve our mystery (I give them hints) reader every Friday and they are so surprised when they arrive! I would love to keep this going, but again, I need your help in this :)!

First Grade Polar Express Day (And Holiday Party)!

What child doesn't love the magic of the Polar Express?? I can remember loving the book as child! Next Friday, December 19th, we will be having a Polar Express Day! Students will be able to wear their pajamas! We will read the book of the Polar Express in the morning and discuss story elements (characters, problem/solution, setting and main events). Then, each student will get a ticket for the Polar Express. We will enjoy hot chocolate and candycanes as we watch the movie of the Polar Express!! Afterward, we will discuss what was the same and different (comparing and contrasting) in the book and the movie! I think the kids will have a lot of fun with this and I am excited about it! :)

After we finish the movie, students will be completing a holiday craft for their families! If any parents can volunteer to help with the craft, please let me know :) The time frame will be from 1:10-2:20 in the afternoon! I would appreciate the help! :)

What We are Learning in First Grade

Math: Next week we are going to be learning how to solve for a missing addend ( 2 + ? = 6) in a number sentence! Students will be able to identify the missing addend, solve for it and show their thinking! We will also be reviewing facts families and basic subtraction and addition!

Fundations: We will be continuing our study of Unit 7 in Fundations. We have just learned about 4 new glued sounds: ANK, INK, ONK and UNK. Next week, we will combine what we know about glued sounds and the suffix -s to make words that are plural with glued sounds.

Reading: We will be studying basic story elements (characters, setting, problem/solution, main events) as well as working on written responses to books to help with their comprehension of the text.

Writing: We will begin to learn about how we can write "all about" or informational pieces on subjects that we are interested in! This past week, we made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich together, taking time to realize that we needed to include every little step in our how-to piece. Afterward, we each got a very small piece of the sandwich! We made a delicious PB&J :). We will continue to work on aspects of informational writing for the remainder of the month.

Social Studies: This month we will be learning about the different holidays and celebrations in cultures around the world during this time of year. This will be a great opportunity for the kids to recognize the similarities and differences in countries and cultures all around the world! We will be learning about the history of the celebrations or holiday, the countries or cultures from which it originated, and how these celebrations are similar or different from the students' own celebrations or holidays.

Science: This month, we will be focusing on force of motion! Students will learn definitions for push, pull, force, and motion. They will be scientist participating in several hands on activities that will reinforce the concept of force and motion.This past week, we experimented with marbles to observe how we can apply force to the marbles to push them into motion. The kids had a lot of fun!