Hey, my name is Kayla Branham and I am 12 years old. I love cheerleading and soccer. My favorite foods are nachos and mashed potatoes and I love the sweet tea that my mom makes. I love adorable animals and even hope to be a vet one day!

My family

My family has not a lot of people in it, but some crazy personalities! My mom and Dad are kind of the calm ones but then when it comes to my little sister, WATCH OUT!!! My sisters name is Kiara and she almost likes every guy she sees, she has platinum blond hair and blue sometimes green eyes. She plays soccer and loves to go outside and play with her friends. My mom and dad are there whenever I need them and are very supportive during tough times. They make my favorite foods and even know when i'm sad. My cat, Holly, is part dog actually and part cat woman because she flips and flops and does twist and turns. She loves drinking out of the toilet, digging holes and pooping outside! My dog, Blaze is the lazy one and does almost nothing except for sleep, poop and eat when she wants too. But sometimes she starts acting all crazy and rolls around and that is my family