Gangs in schools

Gangs in neighborhood Schools

Gangs and Violence

For decades kids have done the unthinkable. These days children join gangs get into fights and do explicit activities at or away from schools. Over 20,000 kids every year in the U.S smoke, get high or drink alcohol.(Mary.P,2012). Many schools and officials ignore this fact. I have gotten the chance to Interview a anonymous student at Brandon Middle. He is a part of the 'blood' gang in the school, whom which have a feud with the 'crips' gang. Gangs can get kids involved in many activities that are harmful to health such as drugs, violence, Sexual activities and alcohol, and many kids join to become 'cool or because of peer pressure.(Tom S,2010)

An interview with a Brandon Student

Q: Are there gangs in Brandon?

A: Yes, Bloods and Crips are the biggest, your either a blood or a crip. If you 'aint' anything you might get caught in the crossfire.

Q: Are you in a gang?

A:Yeah, i am a blood

Q: Do you participate in any illegal activities?

A: No, I don't but others might hang out after school, and cause riots do explicit activities and even get drunk or high.

Q: Why did you join a gang?

A: Peer Pressure, either you want to or your friend convinces you.

Q: Do you think that you might leave your gang?

A: Maybe.

-Parts of the interview have been censored due to provocative language-

The effects of Gangs on Kids


Many kids are suspended, expelled and arrested because of the activities they are sometimes forced to do. Even if the kids are purposely doing it most of the time it is because of neglection or abuse at home or from friends and relatives. Thousands of kids do not even get the luxury of discipline, they die because of violence and overdose. Thirteen year old's are dying and are struggling to survive because of the choices and the environment they live in.


You can always call or notify adults or authorities if you see neglect or abuse and even gangs. There are or donate to child abuse websites. Some people might even start charity's or neighborhood groups to help kids leave gangs and lead lives that they were meant to have.