Kindergarten Tattletales

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General News

My many apologies for the length of time between newsletters. We have been very busy in the classroom. I wanted to thank all the parents who came out to our literacy night. I hope you all enjoyed it and were able to take some useful information home.

February was a busy month of presidents and Valentine's Day. This week we have been reading Dr. Seuss stories and discussing him as an author.

Next week we will move into our weather and Spring unit. Hopefully we will start to see some signs of Spring in the next few weeks. As we do start to see the sun a little more, we will be going back outside as weather permits.


Guided Reading- Wow! The progress your kids are making is awesome. We are really working on reading like you talk, looking at the beginning sound, looking at the picture, and saying more. Too many times we ask kids to sound out words... that strategy doesn't work every time. I don't want them to focus only on the word. Many times my first question is what would make sense for that word... it starts like... I see this in the picture... what could it be? Many times the word will just come to them. When they spend too much time on the word and forget to think about the story and what make sense, ultimately comprehension will break down. Thanks for all you are doing at home to support this process. I love the little notes that come back and say what a great job your child did reading, or I love listening to my child read. We want books that come home to be easy. The more successful experiences they have with reading, the more confidence they will have when trying something new.

Writing workshop- We have shifted our writing to informational text. We are writing "how-to" books and they are awesome! We looked at a few mentor texts from Gail Gibbons to get us started. Many times she will put in a "how-to" at the end of her stories. We have had everything from "How to shoot at basketball" to "How to do the monkey bars." The kids are coming up with the steps and putting all those writing skills to good use.


Addition and Subtraction

We are learning to choose, combine, and apply strategies for answering quantitative questions. By engaging in discussions about their reasoning using mathematical language they become more proficient in math. We can accomplish this by talking about how we arrived at our answer. We are focusing on numbers through ten.

Upcoming Events

March 13- Next year's kindergarten orientation. If you know of anyone who might have a child ready for kindergarten next year, pass the word on.

March 24-28- Spring Break

April 18- Good Friday, No school

May 30 (tentatively)- End of year field trip to Decatur

June 2- Last day of school